Voters demand EU referendum from David Cameron

A large majority of voters send a powerful message to David Cameron today by demanding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if the Conservatives win the next election.

DAILY TELEGRAPH, 20Sep09: Seventy per cent of those questioned in an ICM opinion poll for The Sunday Telegraph want a vote even if the treaty, which would establish a president and foreign minister for the EU and see a swathe of powers transferred to Brussels, becomes law in the European Union this year.

Next month, Ireland will hold a second referendum. If the Irish vote “yes”, the treaty would be on course to be ratified across the EU.

The Government has refused to hold a referendum here. The Conservatives, however, have not ruled out offering a vote even if the treaty has become law by the time they come to power.

A “no” vote in Britain would then, according to experts, inevitably lead to Britain withdrawing from the treaty and effectively “de-ratifying” it across the Continent – throwing the EU into chaos and potentially forcing a large majority of member states to draw up a new treaty from which Britain would be excluded.

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