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UKIP’s Nigel Farage seeks to avoid any taint of “racism”.

(a guest article by H&D reader Max Cunningham)

The Citizens Informer of the Council of Conservative Citizens has performed an outstanding service to the pro-White political world by publishing an amazingly instructive article entitled “UKIP: The Model Right Movement.” The author, Taylor Rose, presents a timely and cogent argument about the proper approach of pro-White forces to the ugly problem of successfully pushing a pro-White, anti-Immigrant, economic-growth-for-Whites political program in a politically-correct world where White countries are dominated by alien elements.

My position on this article is that its basic premise is misleading and destructive. Here it is: The road to political success and power for pro-White forces is to pre-emptively surrender, to haul down the pro-White banner in political discourse, ignore it or openly oppose it in public, while surreptitiously promoting anti-nonwhite-immigration and pro White-working-class legislation or political positions. The UKIP Way: Be a wimpy Republican and Conservative in public, but a patriotic White Nationalist in private.

Taylor Rose argues in “UKIP: The Model Right Movement” that the UKIP pursues an ingenious new approach to promoting the pro-White agenda and is superior to all others, and that the UKIP general political strategy is uniquely successful and right because:
· Traditional conservative, “right-wing” parties or organizations forsake the White Working class by advocating “cuts” to welfare and other entitlements that poor Whites need to survive. Quote: “… Republicans are too dumb to realize that going into blue collar areas and talking about budget cuts and reducing welfare, is a dumb thing.”
· UKIP avoids the “harsh rhetoric” of aggressive White Nationalist or Right-wing Nationalist organizations: “Unlike the British National Party, . . . UKIP has discovered how to attack the correct issues, while shelving the coarse, blunt rhetoric that off sets every person it comes in contact with.”
· Nigel Farage is an excellent leader and sincere in his message

Before I continue on let’s give credit again to The Council of Conservative Citizens, which is an outstanding White-first patriot group in USofA, with inspired leadership, decades of experience, and a superb Citizens Informer (CI) newspaper which is published sometimes quarterly and sometimes semi-annually. Editorial and feature articles in CI usually are of the same timbre and political origin as articles one will find in The Nationalist Times, The First Freedom, and Heritage and Destiny. This time around, the January-June 2013 issue contains this article that gets my White Patriotic Nationalist hackles up!

I have many objections to the article’s fawning over Mr. Farage and his UKIP, and here are several:
· Farage and UKIP frantically race away from any individual or group who directly asserts that the reason for wanting to eject non-Whites and non-Britons from Britain is that their presence is the product of many decades of treachery, treason, and skullduggery of the NWO ruling elite (especially the extended Bank of England) with a deliberate goal of replacing White Britons with pliable non-Anglo-Saxons from wherever they can be obtained they are undesirable, unproductive and dangerous elements in a British and White UK
· The UKIP strategy of avoiding “harsh rhetoric” is a continuation of the decades-long pussy-foot approach to racial politics which has not only failed but is the premier behavior in assuring victory for the anti-White, pro-immigration NWO forces
· The best chance? “… despite some of UKIP’s dogmatic Free Marketism, UKIP stands as the best chance for taking back Great Britain and accomplishing these goals [defeat of international socialism and mass immigration] and that is what matters.”

In several places in the article, Taylor Rose suggests that disingenuousness is the right road to go: Pro-White Nationalists should be politically Pro-White, passionately so, but should lie about it in public discourse. Here’s one paragraph: “Ideologically many on the Right would entirely prefer the more nationalistic, British National Party (BNP) to UKIP, however great lesson learned from the BNP, is that rhetoric is not enough. In order for right-wing politics to succeed, there must be a level of fact used, rather than spitting out the hard truth everywhere one goes – especially on the issue of race.”

Rose’s article does make some positive, accurate and welcome points about the struggle of our peoples to rid our homelands of the international Socialist elements at the top and the anti-non-White occupying forces all over that make our lives so miserable and our institutions so dysfunctional! Here are some good aspects of Rose’s article:
· The wimpy GOP in America and the even-worse Tea Party are ineffective and fraudulent, primarily because they are NOT in favor of reversing non-White immigration, are not in favor of elevating the economic position of non-rich Whites, yet command much of the White vote
· Whites in America and UK are correct in mobilizing the best they can to reverse the demographic disaster of replacing Whites with docile Third Worlders
The BNP and Nick Griffin in particular are spectacular failures, and Taylor refers to the Griffin BNP as “much like the legendary Soviet [-era] space program where in the Cold War we could watch videos of Soviet rockets launched fail fifteen seconds after an apparently successful launch.”

Another aspect of the article that irritates me is the lack of information about the author. Who is Taylor Rose? Is Taylor a he or a she? Is the name a nom-de-Guerre? Does Rose represent a particular political party or organization? Is Rose a Briton, American or other nationality? Rose’s article appears in Citizens Informer, which caters mainly to heavy-duty pro-White racialists in America, but attracts readers and members in “Right-wing” and Nationalist organizations from conservative Republican all the way up to militant Skinheads. I’ve never heard of this person. H&D readers, have you?

Nevertheless, Taylor Rose’s article is a very welcome event to me, because it tees-up that wonderful debate about the prime, number-one issue for the immediate White Race battle – just Who it is that will lead the Race War and Whites-First forces in Europe and America in the immediate future. Most especially in UK, just pick up a copy of H&D, or Candour, or Broadsword, or even IMPACT and the battle royal is displayed – not of White Nationalism versus the New World Order, but Leaders vs. Pretenders within the leadership ranks of pro-White forces.

So here we are again with the Rose premise: The road to political success and power of pro-White forces is to pre-emptively surrender, to haul down the pro-White banner in political discourse, ignore it or openly oppose it in public, while surreptitiously promoting anti-nonwhite-immigration and pro White-working-class legislation or political positions. The UKIP Way: Be a wimpy Republican and Conservative in public, but a White Nationalist in private.

Tell me true, White Patriot: Are you inspired by this approach? Will you embrace the Taylor Rose idea, and the Nigel Farage strategy? Who am I to surmise that they are wrong? In my limited time to analyze the article, which is to its credit, jam-packed with discourse on what pro-White strategy should be, I have left out several related arguments (some valid, others dubious) made in the article. In particular, a deep analysis of the reasons for UKIP’s “electoral success”, and the actual quality of this success, is not attempted in the article.

I invite all H&D readers to obtain a copy of the January-June 2013 Citizens Informer and examine the article for yourself. Then I invite the H&D Editor and Staff to provide counterpoint and analysis. I think you will find the article fertile ground for discussion about pro-White and Nationalist political strategy. I and many other Nationalists find the UKIP approach and leadership to be dubious in their contribution to the cause of restoring UK to its traditional, White inhabitants, or of being a model for White forces worldwide. Let’s analyze!

Max Cunningham [proud American Nationalist]

Former CofCC leader Gordon L. Baum, David Duke’s daughter Kristin and H&D editor Mark Cotterill: New Smyrna Beach, Florida 1999 – sorry about the knees!

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