UK voters move beyond left and right


A new survey by the Social Market Foundation has revealed a picture of the British electorate that ought to be encouraging for nationalist parties.

Voters are increasingly moving beyond those entrenched positions of supposed ‘left’ and ‘right’ that underpinned our two-party system.

For example, the SMF found clear majorities of voters who believed in all four of the following policies, two of which would traditionally have been labelled ‘extreme left’ and the other two ‘extreme right’:

  • – banning ‘zero hours’ contracts
  • – renationalising the railways
  • – compulsory work placements for those benefit claimants deemed fit to work
  • – reduction of net immigration to below 100,000 per year.

Clearly this is not yet radical nationalism: but it’s a start!

UKIP under its new Toryish leader Diane James will never fill this political space. Can a radical nationalist movement be revived that will answer the clear public appetite for a politics that is unafraid to criticise both capitalism and political correctness?

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