UK Government cuts begin to bite – but £7bn overseas aid budget protected


As the new Government’s budget cuts threaten to add another million or two to the dole queues, and VAT increases consume more of the average household’s shrinking budget, one area of government spending remains sacrosanct.

Despite decades of notorious corruption, the U.K.’s £7 billion overseas aid budget is untouchable. A recent survey has shown that only 6% of British voters support the notion that this area of spending should be ringfenced, but that’s exactly what the politically correct Cameron-Clegg coalition is going to do.

43% of the voting public want immediate cuts in overseas aid – but that’s the last thing that the Westminster establishment is going to give them. Many political interest groups benefit from foreign aid spending, such as the £1.2 million given to the TUC to sponsor events such as ‘International Women’s Day’, featuring ‘Caribbean food and musical theme’ – as though England didn’t have enough ‘Caribbean culture’ already!

See last year’s Fake Aid report. (2MB PDF file)

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