Tory party’s ‘coronation’ of a Goldman Sachs Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak (above far right) with his wife and her billionaire parents

Less than three years after winning a landslide general election majority – gaining many previously safe Labour constituencies in the so-called ‘Red Wall’ of the post-industrial North and Midlands – the Conservative Party is engaged in a wholesale surrender to the globalist greed machine.

This will have dire consequences for the many White working class families who trusted the Tories, and who back in 2016 had voted for Brexit in the naive belief that this would lead to Britain being ruled by and in the interests of the British.

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, an alumnus of Goldman Sachs whose blatant ambition and plotting were primarily responsible for the fall of Boris Johnson earlier this year, is to be ‘crowned’ as Prime Minister in the manner of a Byzantine usurper, without even a vote of Conservative Party members, let alone any mandate from the broader UK electorate.

Rishi Sunak (above centre) with the Prime Minister he plotted to destroy (Boris Johnson) and his predecessor as Chancellor, Sajid Javid, son of Pakistani immigrants, who perhaps surprisingly was not included in Sunak’s new government this week.

Sunak – himself of Indian origin and now becoming the UK’s first non-White Prime Minister – is one of the wealthiest MPs in Parliament, married to the daughter of an Indian billionaire. Yet he will soon be lecturing Britons on the need to “tighten our belts”, and imposing cuts to basic services on which British families rely.

This Prime Minister is a man whose wife has “non-domiciled” status – avoiding around £20 million in UK taxes – and who himself for years held permanent resident status in the USA.

H&D readers have known for decades that our country was secretly ruled by alien interests – though as an article soon to be reprinted on this website will argue, these alien interests are not conscious individual minds, but the blind workings of an impersonal global greed machine.

The difference in 2022 is that even the front man for this global greed machine is visibly alien.

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