The tragedy of National Action: Ben Raymond given ten-year sentence

Earlier today Ben Raymond – the co-founder of national socialist youth group National Action – was given a 10-year extended prison sentence after being found guilty of offences under the Terrorism Act.

Ben Raymond, co-founder of National Action

This was the latest and most serious of a series of trials in which NA activists have been accused of a variety of offences since the group was banned under the Terrorism Act at the end of 2016.

Yet Mr Raymond’s offences seem to have had little to do with anything that a normal Briton would call ‘terrorism’. Reading the remarks of Judge Christopher Parker QC who passed sentence today at Bristol Crown Court, it seems that Mr Raymond’s main offence was producing propaganda for views that the rulers of today’s liberal, multiracial Britain find unpalatable.

In numerous articles over the past five years, H&D has explicitly criticised NA’s strategy, and no doubt when the time comes for an overall assessment of the group, when other trials presently under way have concluded, there will be further criticisms.

But any honest racial nationalist looking at today’s sentence would have to admit two things.

First, that whatever we think of Mr Raymond’s approach, to call him a terrorist deserving a 10-year prison sentence is a travesty and a gross distortion of the English language.

Second, that we older heads in the racial nationalist movement must face up to our responsibility for the political circumstances that led to NA’s creation in 2013. During the previous decade we had a golden opportunity to build a British racial nationalist challenge that was radical yet realistic and responsible. We threw that opportunity away, and we must accept our share of the blame for the tragedy of National Action.

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