The Terror Network

Robert Briscoe (right), chief terrorist networker for the IRA and the Zionist murder gang Irgun, marching on St Patrick’s Day 1962 with the notoriously corrupt Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley.

We all have different ways of celebrating Easter.  For J.J. Goldberg, a columnist for the long-established New York newspaper Jewish Daily Forward, this time of the year is Passover, which he describes as “the season of our [i.e. Jewish] deliverance”.

For Passover this year Mr Goldberg devotes his column to a celebration of the two bloodiest anti-British terrorist campaigns of the 20th century: the IRA murderers who targeted British civilians in a decades-long bombing campaign that killed children such as 3 year old Johnathan Ball and 12 year old Tim Parry; and their Zionist allies in the Irgun and Stern Gang, responsible for an even bloodier campaign against British servicemen and Arab civilians during the 1940s.

Yes – you read that correctly.  The IRA were close allies of the Zionist terror groups, a fact which has been obscured in recent years, when Palestinians naively believe that Sinn Fein / IRA are on their side, while some Ulster Loyalists feel an equally misguided affinity with Zionism (partly because of the pernicious Protestant heresy of Christian Zionism).

Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry, victims of the IRA bomb in Warrington, 1993

J.J. Goldberg knows the truth: and for once he not only admits it, but proudly proclaims it in the pages of America’s leading Jewish publication.

After celebrating the IRA’s Easter Rising of 1916, and urging his Jewish readers to “raise a glass (or four)” to the brave IRA “martyrs”, Goldberg writes:
Irish Republicans and Labor Zionists shared arms caches and safe houses in Belfast in the 1930s. In 1938 the Zionist militant leader Vladimir Jabotinsky came to Dublin to study anti-British guerrilla tactics with Robert Briscoe, the veteran Jewish IRA commander and future Dublin mayor. Briscoe later went to New York to raise money and support among Irish-Americans for Jabotinsky’s Irgun. Yitzhak Shamir, heading the pre-state Freedom Fighters of Israel, better known as the Stern Gang, took the code name “Michael” to honor Irish revolutionary Michael Collins.

Stern Gang killer Yitzhak Shamir took the alias “Michael Collins” in tribute to the IRA commander. Shamir later became Prime Minister of Israel.

At Heritage and Destiny we know all about Mr Briscoe and the criminal networks which he and others employed to raise cash and arms for both Irish and Zionist terrorists.  Heritage and Destiny subscribers will find out much more about this story later this year.

Briscoe died in 1969, but his son Ben Briscoe carried on the family’s tradition as a member of the Irish Parliament for Fianna Fail.

One of Briscoe’s fellow conspirators in Irgun terrorism, Benzion Netanyahu, died as recently as April last year aged 102. His son Benjamin Netanyahu is now Prime Minister of Israel.

Irgun terror boss Benzion Netanyahu (left) with his son Benjamin, Prime Minister of Israel.

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