The NF and the Electoral Commission


This morning H&D received an update from the Electoral Commission concerning the registration of the National Front.

The Commission’s press officer now says that he gave us “incorrect information” earlier this week: the NF has been deregistered, but not for the reasons he previously gave.

According to the latest Commission statement: “The National Front did not respond to our request to renew their registration details with us and when we asked if they wanted to be de-registered, they confirmed that they did.”

The statement continues: “From January, individuals from the two ‘groups’ would be able to make an application to register the party name or variations on the party name. Section 28 of the Political Parties Elections Referendums Act (PPERA) says that when two applications to register the same party name are pending at the same time, it’s the responsibility of the Electoral Commission to determine by reference to the history of each of the applicant parties which of them has the greatest claim to register the name.

“So essentially, we have to wait to see what’s submitted in January.”

Several commentators have suggested that H&D has taken sides with the Ian Edward faction against the Kevin Bryan faction.  This is completely untrue, as any fair reading can establish.  We are on record as praising the NF’s efforts to inject some ideological backbone into what would otherwise be a grossly Zionist EDL agenda.  Kevin Bryan showed considerable personal courage in confronting the EDL on the streets.

Moreover senior members of the Kevin Bryan faction have attended and indeed spoken at H&D events.

We do not support one NF faction against another: in fact we hope that even at this late stage the split can be resolved amicably.

Click here to read the full email from the Electoral Commission.


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