The Liberal Dictionary

The Liberal-to-English DictionaryRacist – A word invented by the Left which attempts to “stun” objectors of enforced multi-racialism into silence

Positive discrimination – A phrase which attempts to legitimise, via the use of the word “positive”, discrimination against whites

Equality – A more palatable word than Communism but which nevertheless means the same thing

Diversity – The word given to describe the transitional phase existing whilst the process of a white-dominated society changes to a non-white one

Extremist – One whose political beliefs are furthest away from your own, ergo Liberal politicians are extremists!

Discrimination – The natural outcome of choice. To disallow discrimination is to disallow your freedom to choose

Bigot – One who has an uncompromising belief and who has the courage to resist the imposition of the will of another over his own, ergo liberal politicians are bigots!

Liberal – A moral jelly fish who, in supporting every person’s right to engage in perversions of many sorts, believes in sending our young women off to war into frontline army combat roles

Race Hater – One who supports racial miscegenation whereby racial identity is mixed, merged, and eventually lost for ever under the sheer weight and banner of “enforced” multi-racialism

Tolerance – An immoral state of mind encouraged by the State which asks that we accept all of those elements which are detrimental to the stability and well-being of our society

Democracy – A state which is supposed to reflect the wishes of the people but which in reality has resulted in the racial, financial, industrial and moral disintegration of our country and which serves only the interests of those who control it i.e. the political class and their “hidden” backers

All of these words and phrases plus many others have been invented and/or corrupted and are intended solely to undermine our perception of what our instincts tell us is right and wrong. In this way, Liberals they attempt to destroy our world and then take control of it for themselves and for their own ends.

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