The England First Party, Religion and the Holocaust

A Statement by Mark Cotterill, Chairman – England First Party

Recent press comments in relation to our Stoke-On-Trent election campaign show some confusion about the position of the England First Party in relation to religious issues. Further confusion has been generated by the BNP leader Nick Griffin and former Stoke BNP leader Alby Walker, who have each attempted in various and contradictory ways to make political capital from historical disputes about events in Europe more than sixty years ago.

This statement is an attempt to clear up the EFP’s position, since some liberal-left journalists have been selectively quoting and distorting comments made – and written – several years ago by former party leader Steven Smith, rather than directly asking the present party Chairman what the party’s views are on these subjects.

Birmingham Central MosqueSo for the record, the EFP is not concerned about anyone’s private religious beliefs. Far from wishing to ‘abolish’ any religion (from the East or West!), the EFP is committed to traditional English values of religious freedom. No religion would be persecuted – or banned – by the EFP, and no religion would be given special privileges either.

Former Stoke BNP leader Alby Walker, like many in the BNP has joined an unfortunate trend in making a religion out of commemorating the ‘Holocaust’. Presumably he is doing this in an attempt to gain party political advantage, since as far as we know Walker has no qualifications as a historian and has never studied the period in question.

Meanwhile Walker’s former leader Nick Griffin has been performing intellectual somersaults, one minute asserting that the ‘Holocaust’ was a myth in his efforts to make money from selling ‘Holocaust denial’ literature, the next joining the fashionable queue to proclaim the same ‘Holocaust’ as the greatest crime in world history!

The EFP by contrast does not believe that local councils or political parties have any business taking dogmatic positions on historical or other academic issues. Book Cover - Did 6 million really dieWe do not presume to know the full details of what happened in Germany, Poland or the Ukraine during the 1940’s, nor do we believe it is wise use of council funds to promote any particular version of that history.

We do believe it is important for the English tradition of free academic inquiry to be preserved. We defend the right of historians and scientists to go about their research unmolested by political correct laws, and we will vigorously oppose any extension of repressive laws which operate in some European counties to promote the interests of any religious or racial minority.

English people deserve political leaders who are determined to restore and protect prosperity, peace and freedom. Foolish posturing about religion or the ‘Holocaust’ does nothing for these important objectives.

The EFP will continue to campaign on issues which put the English people first. That is why increasing numbers of people are turning away from the tired old outdated ‘British parties’ and are turning to us.

EFP Chairman Mark CotterillMark Cotterill

Chairman – England First Party




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