The Baroness Scotland scandal exposes an immigration system wide open to abuse

In the same week that the Office of National Statistics announced 3.7million foreign-born people – more than one in ten of the entire workforce – are now employed in the UK, Britain’s immigration system is exposed as wide open to abuse.

DAILY MAIL, 18Sep09: Jafar is a handsome and well-dressed Sudanese with a smattering of English, which improves every day he stays in this country.

During the day he works as a labourer on a giant construction site overlooking the quayside of the old ship canal in Salford, soon to become the multi-million-pound northern headquarters of the BBC.

In his spare time, he attends English classes for six hours a week at Salford College, a bus-ride away from the council flat he shares with a fellow student from the same poverty-stricken part of eastern Africa.

Jafar is one of thousands of foreigners – many from countries with no historical links to Britain – who over the past decade have come to Britain and been given visas to study here and as well as a National Insurance number (NINO) which is crucial if they want to get a job.

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