Even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the electorates desire for change, the corrupt British media still has to peddle its lies and myths concerning right wing politics, and its getting on my bloody nerves!

According to a Populus poll in yesterdays press, 48% of the British population would support a right wing, anti-immigration party, if they were not associated with violence and fascist imagery, but the right are neither fascist or violent!
The fascist imagery comes courtesy of the corrupt British media which portrays us- falsely- in that light, and it’s the same with violence.
At the BNPs RWB in Derby, it was the far left that attacked the police, it was the Unwanted Anal Fungi that had 36 supporters arrested!
Outside the BBC when Griffin made his disatrous appearance on QT, it was the UAF that once again committed violence against the police, the leader of the UAF being arrested and charged with violence against a police officer, but this too was in and out of the news with barely a bloody whisper!.
And when at least 20 UAF scumbags attacked four nationalists, Tony Ward being smashed in the head with a hammer and every panel of his vehicle being damaged by the far left bully boy scum, where was the moral outrage of the press then?!

Hit in the head with a hammer by UAF thugs, but no outcry by Britains corrupt press.

Hit in the head with a hammer by UAF thugs, but no outcry by Britains corrupt press.

The simple facts are that it is not the right that is violent, it is the left, and it is not the left that gets taken to task for its unacceptable behaviour, but the right, and it is the corrupt British media that is directly responsible for this deliberate miscarriage of justice!

The poll suggests that the support for a right wing party might equal, or even outstrip, the support found in other nations such as France or Austria, but then again being deliberately misleading, the press show pictures of the EDL, who are neither right wing or a political party!
The EDL are not against immigration, just islam, and the name EDL is very much a misnomer, it should be called the Anti-Islamic League because that’s what it is, the leaders have no interest in England at all.

Not about England or the English, just about Islam.

Not about England or the English, just about Islam.

The ridiculous thing is that while most of the EDL followers are nationalists, the leaders are pro-immigration puppets!

And who do the corrupt press hold up as the hero fighting against our bigotry?
Jon Cruddas!

And why is Britains nationalist drive so far behind the rest of Europe?
Take a look at the European leaders, then take a look at our leaders, it’s not difficult to spot the reasons why we are at such a disadvantage. That useless moneygrabber Griffin needs to go, or a new party created from all the good and decent people that have left or being thrown out of the BNP, and the National Front need to take on board the need of a change of image if they want to see more success.

It’s good to know that even our enemies can see the potential in our situation, it’s just a crying shame that those in a position to drag nationalism to the fore, aren’t interested in doing so.
Craig Pond, EFPStoke.

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