Les Andrews, R.I.P.


(left to right)  Les Andrews, Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton campaigning for the England First Party

(left to right) Les Andrews, Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton campaigning for the England First Party

We have just been informed that England First activist and racial nationalist stalwart Leslie (Les) Andrews died today – March 22nd 2011. Les was 80 years old.

I’m sorry I don’t know all the details, apart from he was found dead in his flat in Bedford, this morning. His neighbour who called me said he had not been well for a while, but he was still getting out and about. Les phoned me on Sunday night and said although he had not been well and had recently had several hospital visits he was feeling ok and looking forward to the next New Right meeting in London.

Although 80 years old, Les still tried to attend as many nationalist meetings and demo’s as he could. Only last month he was at the February New Right meeting in London selling Heritage and Destiny magazine (he sold 30 copies of every issue) and at the big EDL demo in Luton on February 5th (where he handed out England First literature), and in January he was at the BNP/England is Ours demo in Milton Keynes (protesting against the new Bletchley Mosque).

I last saw Les at the John Tyndall Memorial meeting in Preston in October last year. He stayed over at my house in Preston that weekend, along with Martin Kerr – who was visiting from America. He had just turned 80 then, and travelled up the morning of the meeting from Bedford to Preston. I remember him saying how hungry he was as he had not eaten so far that day – and could he start on the buffet a bit early!

Les was a real inspiration for today’s new generation of racial nationalists. He was a real fighter right until the very end. Les was a good friend and comrade of mine and many nationalists up and down the country. He will be sadly missed.

Mark Cotterill

A full Obituary will be published later online and also in Heritage and Destiny magazine.

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