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Most times I come into contact with media about Cameron and the coalition, the only thing that stops me from punching the computer or kicking the TV, is the dread inducing thought that those Labour communists might sneak back in to power, so given the choice, I’ll take Cameron and his minime, Nick Clegg.

But hold, there is something on the horizon that has the look of a genuine step forward in our search for the lost democratic process in this country, and its name is ‘The Localism bill’.

I know, I know, the coalition coming out with not only something useful, but genuinely progressive?! No-one is more shocked at this than me, but this bill has real potential for breaking the Labour, Common Purpose hold on our councils up and down the country, and with a few tweaks – one in particular – this could be a magnificent political breakthrough that could change the nature of British politics for good.


This is Greg Clark MP, Minister of State for Decentralisation, and this is his baby. Now this isn’t law yet, it is on limited trial and needs to go back to parliament to both houses, and we should support this wholeheartedly, and here’s why.
There are four general headings in the Plain English Guide to the Localism Bill. They are:
1) new freedoms and flexibilities for local government;
2) New rights and powers for communities and individuals;
3)Making the planning system more democratic and effective( less corrupt);
4)Making sure housing decisions locally taken.

The bit that needs fixing to make this fantastic is this; under the direction of the Localism bill, any subject considered important can be brought to referendum, BUT IT IS NOT LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE!
If that could be changed to being legally enforceable once a certain percentage of the vote has been reached, this will be a great big stick to beat the thieving, third rate scum that infest our civic centres, with.

Stopping the council gravy train, it's big Eric.

Stopping the council gravy train, it's big Eric.

This chubby chappy has come up with the idea of making greedy council officers looking for salaries of more than £100k, have their salaries approved by full council, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get this thievery stopped in most councils, devastating if we can get our own nationalist councillors into the chambers come May.

There will be council control of who makes the housing list, control of officers salaries, the ability to do anything that isn’t specifically banned under law, but it is the powers laid on the individuals and communities that really set this apart from any other piece of political policy.
The right to bring any decision/subject to referendum, proper rights of objection to planning applications, the rights of communities to run services and amenities, and to have the right to say what it is you want in your communities.

Check it out at the website above, download the Plain English guide if you can, and follow the progression of this through parliament, because if this is activated, if it becomes policy, we can change the face of local politics for good, and that has to be a good thing.

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