Support Our Troops – Soldiers to march through Blackburn in homecoming parade on Wednesday December 1st


All Lancashire England First Party supporters are urged to support the homecoming parade for the Soldiers of the 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment who are to march through the streets of Blackburn to celebrate their return from Afghanistan on Wednesday December 1st.

EFP supporters will be meeting up with like-minded Patriots and Loyalists from Blackburn, Burnley, Preston and Lancaster in the town centre on the morning of the parade.  There will be an English nationalist social in the afternoon/early evening following the parade, details of which will be given out on the day.

Some 120 soldiers in full uniform will then exercise the regiment’s right under the Freedom of the Borough to march through town.

England First Party Chairman Mark Cotterill (a former Blackburn councillor) called for anyone against the war to show the soldiers respect.  He said:
“There will be people who support the War and people who are against it, out in Blackburn on December 1st. Whatever your personal feelings are towards the Con-Lib Government and New Labour before them, please put that to one side and support our brave Lancashire troops.”

“Afghanistan is a sensitive issue. Somebody’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist. However, if the sight of Lancashire troops parading through an English city upsets you that much, then please stay away. Stay at home, in the pub or in your community centres. I just hope that all extremists stay well clear of Blackburn on December 1st and the troops get our full support.”

The last time soldiers marched through Blackburn was in October 2001 when what was then the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment celebrated the Freedom of the Borough, which was awarded in 1948 to The East Lancashires – one of the regiments which has subsequently merged to become what is now The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. The historic regiments which formed the Duke of Lancaster’s were:
The East Lancashire Regiment
The South Lancashire Regiment
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
The King’s Own Royal Border Regiment
and The King’s Regiment.


A wanted poster for the Zionist terrorists (including two future Israeli Prime Ministers) who killed hundreds of British soldiers in Palestine from 1945 to 1948

It is especially obscene that the self-styled patriots of the English Defence League have sought to abuse the sacrifice of British forces in Afghanistan to build support for the criminal Zionist regime in Israel – given that Zionist terrorists built Israel on the murder of British soldiers such as 19 year old Private A. Kenyon of the South Lancashire Regiment, whose comrades of later generations will be marching through Blackburn on December 1st.

Private Kenyon was one of three British soldiers killed in an Irgun bomb attack on the Goldsmith Officers’ Club in Jerusalem (click here for a photo of this atrocity), and he lies in the Ramleh War Cemetery outside what is now the Israeli city of Ramla. Newsreel footage of Private Kenyon’s funeral is online here.

The leader of the terror gang responsible for Private Kenyon’s murder (and the deaths of hundreds more British servicemen in the war against Jewish terrorists from 1945 to 1948) was Menachem Begin, who became Prime Minister of Israel from 1977 to 1983. Other Irgun killers included the parents of Tzipi Livni, Foreign Minister during Israel’s recent criminal war in Gaza.

Nor should Blackburn’s MP Jack Straw take any role in December’s ceremony, given his own disgraceful role as Britain’s Foreign Secretary for almost five years between 2001 and 2006 – the very years during which catastrophic decisions were taken to commit British troops to an illegal war in Iraq and an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. In his recent evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry, Straw admitted that his role was decisive in determining whether Britain went to war in Iraq.

In a “secret and personal” memo to Tony Blair in March 2002 (available online here) Straw admitted that British military involvement in an attack on Iraq without a new UN resolution would probably be illegal and that it was difficult to see how toppling Saddam would be of any benefit. Yet he still ended up supporting the decision to go to war – in other words he was happy to send British troops to war when he knew this was probably illegal and pointless!

Architects of War - Jack Straw and Condoleeza Rice

Architects of War - Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice

If you wish to join the EFP in Blackburn on Wednesday December 1st, call our office – 07833 677484 or email us at –

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