Stoke BNP Councillor regrets joining ‘racist’ party

The Stoke Sentinel reports that Cllr Ellie Walker, whose husband Albie was the leader of Stoke BNP until earlier this year, has defected to the new left-wing ‘Community Voice’ group on Stoke City Council.

Cllr Walker, who like her husband sat as a BNP councillor for Abbey Green ward until her resignation from the party in March, told the Sentinel:
“While a member of the BNP, I realised that it was not what I thought it was, with many individuals only interested in hate and lies.”

What Mr and Mrs Walker have yet to explain is exactly what “hate and lies” they are talking about, and why it took so many years for them to discover these unacceptable features of the BNP.

Meanwhile many Stoke patriots – who long ago saw through the shallow opportunism of the Walkers and their allies – are signing up with Stoke’s fastest growing political force, the England First Party!

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