Steve Tyler RIP

We greatly regret to announce the death of our nationalist comrade Steve Tyler, who died from cancer on October 17th.


Richard Edmonds, a longtime friend and colleague of Steve’s most recently in the NF and during the 1990s in the BNP, writes:

A short time ago, Steve was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis came much too late; the illness had the man in its grip. Steve was stoical, he was clearly in some pain but he did not tell us the cause, the deadly cause, till almost the end. A short while ago he was hospitalised, with the hope of recovering, but it was not to be.


Steve first joined up in the early 1990s. He was one of our regulars in the East End of London at our regular BNP sales pitch at Brick Lane, Bethnal Green (near to Liverpool Street station). Steve put his heart into all the campaigns that made the BNP a house-hold name; all those Rights for Whites marches through Bethnal Green, all those election campaigns in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets: campaign after campaign until we won the historic victory of the election of Councillor Derek Beackon at Millwall ward in September 1993. Steve was one hundred per-cent with the rest of us in the exhilarating and triumphant series of political successes that we obtained for the long-suffering British of East London. Those successes made the BNP a house-hold name, nation-wide. Steve was part of that.

Later his life moved on, but in more recent times he made a most welcome return to active nationalism. Right up to the end, Steve played a major part in our London team’s efforts in the National Front LEAVE campaign. He shared our joy and satisfaction at the Brexit victory: another political triumph against all the odds. Always a most pleasant man to know, friendly, educated, intelligent, positive, a committed patriot and racial comrade.

Steve, you will not be forgotten.

Steve Tyler (left) with fellow NF Brexit campaigners John Jones and Derek Beackon in June 2016

Steve Tyler (left) with fellow NF Brexit campaigners John Jones and Derek Beackon in June 2016

H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton adds:

Steve Tyler was the first nationalist parliamentary candidate I ever campaigned for – when he was standing for the BNP in the Bermondsey constituency in 1992.  That was a lively campaign: I remember flyposting BNP posters with Steve and his election agent Jim White in a shopping centre called The Blue, where we had to break off every so often to hide from the police! Thirteen years later an official Metropolitan Police report described The Blue as having become a crime hotspot for “race crime and youth disorder”, so perhaps Scotland Yard realise they should have been on our side all along!

Steve was an excellent, committed, intelligent nationalist – so it was no surprise that he returned to active politics after a few years away from the movement.  Nor was it any surprise that when he returned it was to the NF rather than the sad shadow that is the present-day BNP.  In our last issue of H&D readers will have seen a photo of Steve campaigning for Brexit with fellow NF activists on the Harold Hill estate in East London. A few weeks later on August 7th I met Steve for the last time at an anti-communist commemoration in Kensington. He had also been at the Forgotten British Heroes event off Trafalgar Square the previous weekend.

When this country comes to its senses and nationalists begin to redress the damage inflicted by the years of treason post-1945, we shall have men like Steve Tyler to thank – the men who were prepared to stand on the frontline campaigning for Race and Nation.

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