Say No to 70 Million

how2come2ukWithin the next 16 years the UK population is forecast to rise to more than 70 million: and about two-thirds of this projected population increase will be due to immigration.  Not the mass immigration of the last half century, which has already transformed so many of our towns and cities, but even more immigration over the next few years!

According to official figures from the Office for National Statistics, our population will be 73.2 million by 2035.  47% of this increase will be due directly to future immigrants, and a further 21% due to the children of those future immigrants who will be born here.

This is a massive increase on the last census figure in 2001, which showed a UK population of 58.8 million.  As Dave Cohen points out, this admission by the Government shows that Sir Andrew Green’s Migration Watch was right all along, despite being accused of “racism” by the usual debate deniers.

It’s not too late to stop this population disaster.  The first thing you can do right now is sign the petition to the Prime Minister by clicking here.

The second thing you can do is help build the political opposition to mass immigration and the destruction of England.  Click here to join the England First Party and join the fightback to save our country.

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