Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated – England First Party still alive and well!

EFP Chairman Mark Cotterill announces new party structure

EFP Chairman Mark Cotterill announces new party structure

Contrary to what has been said on certain “nutty nationalist forums” The England First Party has not thrown in the towel and folded.

What we have done is de-register the party with the Electoral commission.  However, this was not done on a whim and lot of thought and discussion went into it.  What swayed us to finally de-register the party was the lack of interest by EFP members in standing in local elections.  It’s sad for those of us who do support the electoral path, but we must stay in the real world and realize that most English racial-nationalists have no interest in elections (this was proved to us in May when EFP Chairman – Mark Cotterill – was the only party candidate in the whole of the country).

Those members (and ex-members such as Mark Leat) who do support the electoral path, can carry on doing so under a number of different party banners.  Mark Leat himself is standing for the Democratic Nationalists in the upcoming by-election in Springfields & Trent Vale ward, Stoke-On-Trent on July 26th.  We wish Mark and his new Dem Nat team all the very best and hope they can get a good nationalist vote.

Only last week EFP chairman Mark Cotterill payed a three day visit Ulster for the annual “12th” celebrations.  Mark met up with and held discussions with a number of representatives of Loyalist and racial-nationalist groups (including a large group of ex-BNP members now looking for a new home following the recent Sloan case!) in Northern Ireland.  The BNP in Ulster is now about as popular as Blue Moon being sung in the Stretford End!

It was great to see such a large turnout of English Loyalists at this years “12th”, not just at the main Belfast parade on Thursday 12th, but also at the Royal Black parade in Bangor on Friday 13th – that Mark also attended.  Apart from the large group of Chelsea Loyalists who always attend, there were groups spotted from Oxford, Stockport, Leeds, Rotherham, Portsmouth, Southampton and closer to home Blackburn!

The EFP still support the unity of as many of the small racial-nationalist groups and parties as possible.  We hope that by the end of this year, Andrew Brons MEP – or somebody else with a similar racial-nationalist CV – can unite all these groups by forming a new racial-nationalist party.  Then and only then can we go back to the electoral path with any credibility.

It would be nice to be able to annouce the formation of such a new party at this years JT meeting – but only time will tell.

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