Ron Smith RIP – an obituary by Richard Edmonds

It is with sadness that we report the death of nationalist veteran and National Front member, Ron Smith.

After an illness lasting some months, Ron Smith died peacefully at the age of 87. For years Ron had been a stalwart activist on the nationalist scene in the London area. For years he had been a regular at the famous Brick Lane, East London sales pitch, where for years and in all seasons and in all weathers, nationalists of all parties, National Front, BNP, British Movement, Church of the Creator and others, held court and promoted the movement. Ron Smith was always there.

Ron Smith was born and raised in Manchester. He was an intelligent lad and won a place at Stockport Grammar school. But his was an independent spirit, and the life of the scholar or book-worm was not for him. Against his parents’ wishes (he informed this writer personally) at the age of 17 he signed up and joined the Army. Fortunately the Second World War had just come to a close, otherwise he might not have survived.

His first posting was to Vienna in Austria, which at that time was occupied by the four victor nations: Great Britain, the USA, France and the Soviet Union. Ron came to admire the Germans: he admired them as brave soldiers and he admired their resilience in defeat. Ron learnt German, and in his last years, his pleasure was reading the German classics, Goethe, Schiller, in the original.

In the 1950s Ron fought in the Korean War, took part in battles, and had mates killed beside him; later Ron’s unit was posted to Malaya, with the mission to put down the murderous insurgency organised by Chinese Communist terrorists. Those were tough years for young British soldiers: Ron knew, like his mates knew, that Death could always come calling. On his return to Civvy Street, Ron led a somewhat adventurous life (no details supplied – but his life was not criminal).  In the 1970s he joined the National Front, and the rest is history.

Ron Smith was a really tough and honourable man, and a true and loyal comrade and friend. If you want to know – you who have never met Ron and won’t now in this world – if you want to know what Ron Smith looked like, he resembled somewhat the American actor, Steve McQueen. So there. Ron, hopefully, you have now been given your deserved place in Valhalla.

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