Rearranging the deckchairs

Larry the Downing Street cat will have a new master very soon, although his master’s masters will (for the time being) remain the same.

Polls have opened in today’s General Election, and one of the H&D team was at his local polling station to vote at 7.05 am.

In a small number of constituencies around the UK, voters will have a genuine patriotic option to back candidates from the British Democrats, English Democrats, Traditional Unionist Voice, or a handful of anti-immigration independents.

But for most of us, this election is important not because we are able to cast a positive vote, but because we can rejoice at an impending political earthquake that will destroy the Conservative Party.

This has been a dominant force in the affairs of our nation since the 1840s, but it has long since ceased to be the Conservative & Unionist Party of Chamberlain and Bonar Law.

Today’s Tories are an obstacle to building the nationalist revolution.

That obstacle is crumbling into dust, and for that alone, this week’s epochal election will be cause for rejoicing.

Best of luck to all genuine patriots standing today.

You will obtain no short-term reward, other than the knowledge that you have played your part in laying the foundations for national and racial renaissance.

And that is a reward beyond price.

In Belfast, the election counts will take place at the Titanic Centre. An appropriate symbol for the election that will see Starmer replace Sunak, in charge of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic as the sham of parliamentary ‘democracy’ approaches the iceberg.

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