Politicians panic over European crisis


True Finns leader Timo Soini

The blatant rip-off known as the “European Union”, which has seen Conservative, Labour and Liberal politicians compete to sell off English sovereignty for the last half century, is now entering its terminal crisis.

New political parties across the continent are challenging the corrupt consensus.  Among the latest is in Finland, where a party called the True Finns has just taken 19% of the vote and become the third largest party in the Finnish Parliament with 39 seats.  The True Finns were only founded in 1995, and their leader Timo Soini (who incidentally is a Millwall fan) has increased his party’s vote from 1.6% in 2003 to 4.1% in 2007, and then to 19% this week!

One of the most successful aspects of the True Finns has been their ability to transcend the old-fashioned definitions of “Right” and “Left”: their economic policies would be seen as traditionally “left-wing”, while their social policies would be seen as traditionally “right-wing”.

Especially good news for patriots across Europe is that the True Finns are adamantly opposed to the European Union and to Nato’s military adventurism. They are also determined to direct state funds towards projects that support Finnish cultural identity, and will introduce tougher policies on immigration, asylum seekers and crime.

One of the main issues boosting support for the True Finns, and for other patriots across Europe, is the financial disaster overtaking the European Union, with proposed bailouts for basket case economies such as Portugal and Greece.

Unfortunately there is one gigantic cloud in this otherwise sunny Scandinavian scene: Timo Soini and the True Finns are staunch supporters of Israel. Why on earth should Finnish patriots (correctly) oppose financial aid to bankrupt European economies such as Portugal, while supporting a state such as Israel which has benefited from huge international subsidies over the years.

Germany alone has paid more than $30 billion to Israel. Most seriously of all, the foreign policies of many European countries (including the U.K. and the European Union as a whole) have been skewed against our own interests by the overwhelming demand to support Zionist objectives.

The Finns may not see this as their problem: after all, they were not involved in the Iraq War and have only had a minor “peacekeeping” role in Afghanistan, so the disastrous Zionist-dominated neocon policies of the West in recent decades have not caused the Finns too many problems.

But it is still tragic to see a patriotic party compromise its integrity, by on the one hand arguing for Finnish sovereignty and Finnish cultural autonomy against the all-conquering New World Order, yet on the other hand enthusiastically supporting the piracy of Palestine by Zionist invaders. Above all, Timo Soini and the True Finns will eventually be faced by the reality that the international instability and injustice promoted by Zionism is no respecter of borders.

To be a True Finn, or a True Englishman, or a True German – or even a True European – one cannot be a slave to neoconservatism and Zionism.

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