Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Whitelaw Towers posts this on shenanigans in Aussie Nationalism but it all sounds so very, very familiar…

Whitelaw Towers, 09 Jan 2010: Who says history doesn’t repeat? The APP really needs to get their collective head around this.

It’s 1977. We are all getting sick and tired of re runs from Mash, and one Lyenko Urbanchich an old friend of the Darby dynasty and David Clarke, has just gotten through telling about 20 patriotic type people in a room at the British Ex Services Club, that the Liberal Party is the natural vehicle for Aussie patriotism. He remarks that some softies are in charge and they are morally lax and weak in really standing up to the Reds. His faction will take over the party and restore the hard line of Menzies. “What about immigration?” someone asks. Lyenko says that “traditional sources” are being downplayed right now by the Liberal government, but when the faction gets stronger, that should mean more people “like us” coming in.

Yes what about immigration I bet he didn’t discuss it with the 200 Vietnamese he’d just signed up for Liberal branches? I bet he discussed it with his mate Oleg Kavanenko who said in print that anyone could come to Australia as long as they were anti-communist. Boy, this all sounds so familiar, swap the reds for Muslims and the old boys above for Darby and Fred Nile and bango – it’s 2010. All they need is a Party to string along. Anyway back to Mash re runs.

Link to full article [external site]

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