Patriotism, social justice and self-sacrifice

The grave of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, likely to be desecrated on the orders of the Spanish Government

86 years ago today, on the orders of Communists and other anti-European forces, the Falangist leader José Antonio Primo de Rivera was murdered in a prison yard in Alicante.

As H&D’s European correspondent Isabel Peralta explained in Issue 110 of our magazine, José Antonio had taken no part in the Nationalist uprising and civil war against communist barbarism, because he had been in prison since before the war began.

Today Isabel attended the Valley of the Fallen near Madrid, to pay tribute to José Antonio’s memory and to record this video explaining the treachery of Spanish governments past and present, who now seek to desecrate his grave.

José Antonio was a victim of a war in which he never fought, murdered because both the Moscow-funded ‘left’ and the plutocratic ‘right’ feared his agenda of patriotism and social justice.

In 2022 the corrupt establishment still fears José Antonio’s ideological legacy and his example of self-sacrifice, which is why the Spanish government has imposed a “democratic memory law”, enforcing a single interpretation of Spanish history, glorifying the Communist Party, and demonising Nationalists.
Part of this agenda is the demand to desecrate José Antonio’s tomb at the Valley of the Fallen near Madrid.

Wherever his mortal remains rest, José Antonio and fellow Falangist ideologist Ramiro Ledesma Ramos will continue to inspire a new generation, determined to regain and rebuild a Europe fit for Europeans.
Our website and magazine will report on today’s commemoration, and on the continuing fight by this new generation as it builds a genuine nationalist and socialist challenge to the enfeebled leadership of today’s dissident ‘right’, rejecting both petty reactionaries and treacherous ‘National Bolsheviks’.

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