PARTY NEWS: Civic nationalist Free England Party calls it a day!

The liberal, “civil nationalist” Free England Party (FEP) folded this week. We understand that their “leader” Andrew Constantine (who formed the party 3 years ago after splitting from the English Democrats) closed the party down after some members wanted to change the party into an ethnic-nationalist party. Its seems that the tiny English Independence Party were also involved in this change of policy and may have also closed down now.

Andrew Constentine, Free England PartyIn its short history the FEP never had any candidates elected nor had any local Councillors. They seemed to attack other English Nationalists in the English Democrats and England First rather more than the political liberal-left – which many found odd. Some nationalists even said than the FEP was a state-sponsored party right from the start (formed to damage the ED’s?). The FEP leadership also thought that any African, Asian or other non-Whites born in England were English!

No we are not joking, these so-called nationalists really believed that!

Anyway, the good news is that a number of former FEP members have contacted England First about coming aboard – 2 have joined already. We welcome all real English nationalists into England First, but would like to point out to all would-be England First members, that we are not civic nationalists – we are racial nationalists – and proud of it.

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