Outrage and hope in today’s England

A personal view from across the Pond.

NewsWithViews.com, 23Sep09: The United States of America has many problems. Regardless of the party in the presidency, the government becomes more socialistic. Immigration is out of control and multiculturalism is dismantling traditional America. Plus, there’s the general all-around decadence of our society.

But it’s not just our country – such problems affect the Western world in general. Our fellow English-speaking countries have these same problems and politically speaking, have slid farther downhill than we have.

In England, significant restrictions have been put on free speech, gun rights have been taken away and the UK is losing its sovereignty to the European Union. Not only that, but mass immigration combined with multiculturalism is leading to the Islamization of Britain. Mohammed is now the third-most popular name for newborn baby boys in England, and the most popular in the city of London. The Muslim population is growing 10 times faster than the general population.

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