On the 12th in Southport!

H&D‘s editor and assistant editor were back in Southport on 12th July after six years’ absence.  We were part of a wide ranging group of nationalists attending the annual parade of Orange Lodges and others for the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne in 1688.


This anniversary has been an important part of Ulster culture for centuries, but is increasingly under threat because of the increasing power of Sinn Féin / IRA, whose leaders are pursuing the “salami tactic” pioneered by the Hungarian communist Mátyás Rákosi – advancing their own agenda, slice by slice.

Veteran IRA godfather Martin McGuinness is now the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland; Belfast City Hall removed the Union Flag; while in Newry the local council has renamed a children’s playground in memory of IRA gunman Ray McCreesh.

Against this background it is especially vital for patriots to stand together in support of Ulster’s heritage and its people’s rights – so it was good to see members of various parties (and none) standing united behind Loyal Ulster.

With perfect sunshine a great day was had by all!

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