Obituary – Stanley Oliver Webb

We recently heard of the sad death of Stan Webb (known affectionately as “Webbie” by his many friends and comrades), who was the chairman of Worcester British Movement branch in the early 1980s (H&D editor Mark Cotterill was the BM branch organiser at the time). Stan stood as BM election candidate twice in local council elections in Worcester: in Nunnery ward – which was a by-election, where he polled 1.1% – and in Claines ward in the main May elections – where he polled 1.3% (Mark was his election agent on both occasions).

These were not great votes by any standard, however it raised the profile of the BM in Worcester, and brought in new members, as a result of the election leaflets and publicity in the local newspaper and radio station.

Stan is far right with beer glass! At a nationalist meeting in Birmingham circa. 1983

Stan was born in the late 1950s, and had a hard start in life, being raised by grandmother and uncle in the St. Stephens area of Worcester, from being a baby to his late teens. He attended Bishop Perowne Church of England School (the same as Mark) and went on to have a successful career as a removal man, with Pickfords. He had a keen interest in politics and history from an early age. He flirted with the NF in the mid 1970s but was put off by what he claimed was their “anti-Europe attitude” and “narrow minded nationalism,” so I guess the BM was his natural home at the time.

Sadly Stan was a heavy drinker, and could be found most evenings inside one of Worcester’s many Banks’s pubs which probably shortened his life and was his eventual downfall.

H&D offers our thoughts, prayers and condolences to his family.

The famous British Movement march through Worcester in June 1982

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