Nick Griffin MEP Declared Bankrupt

Welshpool County Court, where Nick Griffin was made bankrupt yesterday

Heritage and Destiny was one of the first nationalist publications to draw attention to the grotesque abuses perpetrated by British National Party leader Nick Griffin: his betrayal of his own members and the broader nationalist cause in favour of ruthless self-interest.  Yesterday the final act of the BNP tragedy began, as Griffin was declared bankrupt, having failed to pay his own solicitors’ fees. This website and a forthcoming issue of H&D will give a full post mortem on Griffin’s BNP and outline a path to a better nationalist future.  But first we report on yesterday’s events…

In a far reaching judgement, Nick Griffin, leader of what remains of the BNP, was yesterday (January 2nd) declared bankrupt.
The landmark hearing occurred at 11am in the Welshpool County Court. The bankruptcy petition was presented for judgment by creditors of Griffin.

Griffin, who is no stranger to bankruptcy, arrived in Court with Simon Darby (former deputy leader and constant aide) , and an advisor from a firm of Insolvency Practitioners who applied for an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement). Griffin declared himself as without assets and offered to pay 42p in the £ over five years to all his creditors – the balance to be written off. This was rejected by the petitioning creditor.

Nick Griffin’s statesmanlike response to his critics

Deputy District Judge Fox dismissed Griffin’s application and then proceeded to deal with the bankruptcy petition, which he granted.  Lawrence McDonald, counsel for the petitioning creditor, referred to the filed BNP accounts as being healthy.  The Judge was satisfied with the petition and declared Griffin bankrupt.

In an earlier hearing on 6th Feb 2013, Griffin had been ordered to pay what amounted to nearly £120,000 in outstanding moneys and costs to one of his or the Party’s creditors. Griffin’s habit of procrastination is thought to have contributed as much as £60,000 of this sum.

In a separate move, it is understood there is an application to obtain an attachment of Griffin’s earnings at the European Parliament. This would mean his parliamentary salary will be docked in part settlement of his debts. His Parliamentary salary is attachable before the expected loss of his seat in the European Elections.

There is, however, a question mark as to whether Griffin will be permitted to retain his seat. In the UK, an MP who is declared bankrupt may no longer sit in the Commons and the same rule is expected to apply to a British MEP in the European Parliament. A declared bankrupt is not permitted to stand in elections during the period of bankruptcy.

It is not known how much the BNP owes in debts elsewhere. An employment tribunal remains outstanding in the sum of £25,000, quite apart from the vast costs of that case. It is also understood that many small traders are owed substantial amounts by what remains of the BNP, which Griffin still leads. One trader has apparently gone into liquidation because of Griffin’s non-payment.

Next week Griffin is due in Court again in a further hearing brought by other creditors. This is understood to embrace a figure of perhaps as much as £100,000, depending upon what sums have already been paid by either Griffin or the BNP.

Griffin desperately seeking new recruits

For some time the BNP has been regularly boasting of the healthy nature of the party’s accounts and the size of legacies left by former members. It is questionable as to whether the party’s accounts have taken into consideration the sizeable debts owed to the party’s creditors. This, in turn, casts doubt on the veracity of the accounts filed on behalf of the party.

As the BNP continues to limp along on life-support, many ex-members have suggested that the purpose of the party is to provide Griffin and his family with a salary when he loses his seat. A second purpose is to prevent any successor party from replacing it.

In 2009/10, the BNP’s membership was nearly 15,000. Today, excluding the ‘Life’ category of members – of which the majority have departed in disgust – the party’s membership is believed to have collapsed by between 80-90%.

Many ex members have accused Griffin of having squandered the efforts and resources of numerous members and as having dashed their hopes for the future.  Many will ask how it is possible for Griffin, who receives a considerable salary as an MEP and handsome attendance allowances, to be made bankrupt. Questions will therefore arise as to what Griffin has done with his salary, monies and assets. His financial activities, how he has spent his money, whether he has transferred it with the prospect of Court actions in mind will all almost certainly become areas of considerable interest for the Trustee in Bankruptcy and other interested parties to investigate. The Trustee will, no doubt, also wish to investigate ownership of the Trafalgar funds and accounts.

Griffin recording a new appeal: DONATE now to keep this portly fraudster in the style to which he has become accustomed…

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