NF chairman steps down

Kevin Bryan has stepped down as chairman of the National Front, Britain’s longest established nationalist party, handing over to his deputy Dave MacDonald. Earlier this year Kev had a very serious road accident and has suffered continuing ill-health. However he will remain a member of the NF executive.

The video below shows Kev addressing a recent South London NF meeting, preceded by veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds.

Kev is originally from the East Midlands and joined the BNP there, but moved to North West England more than twenty years ago where he became a leading activist in the Rochdale branch.

As a supporter of the late John Tyndall, Kev’s days in the BNP were always likely to be numbered once Nick Griffin took over, and he joined his North West colleague Chris Jackson in quitting the party at the end of 2009 and joining the NF.

He soon became deputy chairman and succeeded Ian Edward as NF leader in 2013 in complicated circumstances which were eventually resolved in Kev’s favour by the Electoral Commission.

New chairman Dave MacDonald is based in Aberdeen, a fact which has inspired the “anti-fascist” constitutional scholars of Hope Not Hate to make fools of themselves (again). Today’s article by previously unknown HnH scribe Sarah Archibald comments:

don’t expect his elevation – unelected and without consultation – to last. From where else candidates might emerge we don’t know but the eternal mid-Lothian question will undoubtedly rear its head.

We must return Miss Archibald’s homework with three comments in red ink:

1) Deputy chairmen normally replace chairmen when ill-health forces them to step down – that’s part of a deputy’s function…

2) Being based in Scotland is hardly a disqualification for the leader of a UK party – during the last 25 years Labour and the Lib Dems have each had two party leaders based north of the border (John Smith, Gordon Brown, Charles Kennedy and Menzies Campbell).

3) By “the eternal mid-Lothian question”, Miss Archibald presumably means the so-called “West Lothian question”. Scottish political geography is clearly not her strong point.

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