Best of luck to all racial nationalist candidates today

Polling stations closed a few minutes ago in those areas of England and Wales that are electing local councillors, mayors, and/or police and fire service commissioners. As H&D explained last month when nominations were filed for these elections, there are very few racial nationalist candidates this year, reflecting the general state of our movement, which has yet to recover from the damage inflicted by Nick Griffin when he destroyed the... [Read More...]

May Day greetings from H&D – “Sumer is icumen in!”

In England as in many other European countries, May Day has been a traditional celebration for centuries. Appropriated by the political left in the late 19th century, the day in fact has no connection to Marxist socialism. The documented history of the festival goes back to the Roman holiday of Floralia, honouring the goddess of flowers, fertility and spring, and its pagan roots go back even further. Powered by odysee embed generator At 6... [Read More...]

Humza Yousaf quits: beginning of the end for fake ‘nationalism’

Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf has resigned after the end of his coalition with the Scottish Green Party, and his failure to reunite disparate factions of the fragmented Scottish National Party. The Scottish Parliament now has 28 days to agree on a new First Minister, or else a parliamentary election will be held. (The next election wasn’t due until May 2026.) The fall of Humza Yousaf and the continuing collapse of his... [Read More...]

Will Spain’s PM resign after Moroccan lobbying scandal?

[29th April update: Sánchez has shamelessly relied on public rallies of his supporters to defy the judicial process and ignore serious questions. So far the UK media has colluded with him. Had a politician of the ‘right’ behaved in this way, then UK journalists would have denounced him as a populist demagogue. But a politician of the ‘left’ is given a free pass.] Mystery surrounds Spain’s socialist Prime Minister... [Read More...]

¿Dimitirá el primer ministro español tras el escándalo del lobby marroquí?

[Actualización del 29 de abril: Sánchez ha recurrido descaradamente a las manifestaciones públicas de sus partidarios para desafiar el proceso judicial e ignorar cuestiones serias. Hasta ahora los medios del Reino Unido han estado en connivencia con él. Si un político de “derecha” se hubiera comportado de esta manera, los periodistas británicos lo habrían denunciado como un demagogo populista. Pero a un político de “izquierda”... [Read More...]

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