Race police force resignation of FA Chairman

Greg Clarke, now ex-chairman of the Football Association Greg Clarke, chairman of the Football Association, governing body in England for the world’s most popular sport, was forced to resign this week after using a forbidden racial word: not ‘n****r’ or ‘c**n’ or ‘w*g’ or ‘y*d’ – but merely ‘coloured’. It didn’t help Mr Clarke that the context of this forbidden word was... [Read More...]

Undercover policing of ‘extremists’: will we ever know the truth?

Police battle ‘anti-racist’ demonstrators during the Welling riot of 1993, when it now appears that undercover policemen were operating on both sides. An official Undercover Policing Inquiry is under way in London, following a series of revelations about the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), an undercover unit of Metropolitan Police officers that operated against various radical political groups and individuals from 1968 to 2008. Today’s... [Read More...]

Biden prepares to Make America Liberal Again

After a busy month, the H&D team is finalising our delayed issue 99 (November-December 2020) of the magazine. As readers will soon discover, we were kept waiting not only by the US election count but by German judges who took their time confirming a sensational court result. We thank readers for their patience – click here for our initial analysis of the US election.  Read More →

Power Shift in Washington

Despite various possible legal and constitutional arguments, it seems obvious that Donald Trump has lost the 2020 election, but equally obvious that the result was far closer than pollsters and pundits predicted. From a racial nationalist standpoint, there are positive and negative lessons from these results. On the positive side, White working class (in British terms) or middle class (in US terms) American voters have for the second successive... [Read More...]

“Nasty, Brutish and Short” – Should Racial Nationalists support ‘Freedom’?

While we prepared the May-June 2020 edition of Heritage and Destiny, every day seemed to bring further news of disorder on Anglo-American streets, usually involving either ethnic minorities or ‘antifa’ anarchists, or both. These events were not in themselves surprising: what came as a shock was the reaction of police officers and their political masters. The guardians of law and order seem to have abdicated. During these weeks, with most... [Read More...]

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