‘Post-fascist’ party wins Italian election

Liberal and leftist commentators around the world have been horrified this week by the victory of Fratelli d’Italia (‘Brothers of Italy’) in Italy’s parliamentary elections and the imminent elevation of Fratelli‘s leader Giorgia Meloni to become her country’s first female prime minister. Fratelli polled 26% of the vote (up from 4.4% in 2018 – one of the most rapid electoral advances in European history),... [Read More...]

Historic victory for Swedish nationalist party

Jimmie Åkesson of the Sweden Democrats leads what is now his country’s second-largest party After several days on a knife edge as votes were counted, the Swedish election has ended in victory for a coalition of ‘right-wing’ parties including the Sweden Democrats, a strongly anti-immigration party which has for years been ostracised as ‘racist’ and ‘nazi’ by the political mainstream. Sweden’s... [Read More...]

Pro-terrorist march halted

A gang of apologists for IRA terrorism was due to march through Glasgow today, commemorating the communist International Brigades, ending in a rally at the statue of arch-Stalinist Dolores Ibárurri. A decade ago the same organisation attempted to march in Liverpool – readers with long memories might recall that H&D was involved in helping mobilising opposition to this Liverpool march. The outcome was that the pro-IRA marchers and their... [Read More...]

End of an era: Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

Queen Elizabeth II presents the World Cup to England captain Bobby Moore at Wembley Stadium on 30th July 1966. H&D readers will have been saddened to learn this evening of the death of the UK’s longest-reigning monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Saddened not because there is anything tragic or shocking about a 96-year-old lady dying – but because for all of us she represented part of our heritage: one of the last reminders... [Read More...]

Tory Titanic changes captain but remains on course for iceberg

Liz Truss meeting the Queen at Balmoral today before taking office as Prime Minister As expected throughout the pointless Conservative Party ‘leadership contest’ of the past month, Liz Truss has today succeeded Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and is engaged in forming her first Cabinet. This evening she confirmed that the three great ‘offices of state’ below the premiership – Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary... [Read More...]

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