‘Racism’ at the ballot box?

Despite general politically correct acquiescence to every feature of the multiracial, multicultural society, voters sometimes rebel in the privacy of the ballot box. Whenever a non-White candidate receives a lower than expected vote, the liberal media shames the area concerned for ‘racism’. A notable example was the Cheltenham constituency in 1992, where the Conservative Party selected a black barrister (John Taylor) to contest... [Read More...]

England Rugby drop ‘Saxons’ name in ethnic diversity drive

England’s rugby union team is the latest to fall into line with the worldwide disparagement of White identity. This week the rugby authorities decided to rename the England reserve team, previously known as ‘England Saxons’. It will henceforth be known as ‘England A’, because the word ‘Saxon’ was thought to be an obstacle to the all-important drive to make rugby more ‘diverse’. For some... [Read More...]

Nationalist candidates swamped by Tory surge

NF candidate Steve Smith polled 2.4% in Burnley this year UPDATE 9th May: click here for our extended analysis of the lessons to be drawn from this year’s local and regional elections Candidates from the ‘old school’ nationalist parties were few and far between this year. Those that did stand were overtaken by a massive swing of White working class voters to Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, as the governing party was rewarded... [Read More...]

Reading the electoral runes in a tough week for the movement

Laurence Fox tried to combine civic nationalism with anti-lockdown politics but was badly beaten in the London Mayoral election, polling 1.9% and losing his £10,000 deposit. As the final results were declared today in local and regional elections across most of the UK (with the exception of Northern Ireland) we can begin to draw the lessons – some very predictable, others not. The real losers of these elections (so far as ‘our’... [Read More...]

Detailed results from 2021 Elections

further details will appear on this page as they are processed Nationalist independents and small parties Pete Molloy, Spennymoor, Durham20.4% [ELECTED] Mark Cotterill, Independent, Ribbleton, Preston15.7% Chris Roberts, Independent, Boyce, Castle Point9.3% Mark Cotterill, Independent, Preston SE, Lancashire8.8% Chris Roberts, Independent, South Benfleet, Essex8.3% Gary Butler, Independent, Shepway North, Maidstone5.5% Gary... [Read More...]

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