Sir Roger Scruton: 1944-2020

The term ‘conservative’ is now so much abused it has become almost meaningless, but Sir Roger Scruton – who died today aged 75, having suffered from cancer for the last six months – was a true giant of English conservatism. Just over a month ago in London, Europe’s greatest conservative leader Viktor Orban presented Sir Roger with the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, saying rightly that he had “foreseen... [Read More...]

Gangster president declares war on Iran

Donald Trump with IRA terrorist godfather Gerry Adams. Trump now seeks to emulate his old friend’s record of brutal and shameless murder. Gangster president Donald Trump has this morning effectively declared war on Iran by ordering the murder of Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the most significant state-sponsored assassination since Czech SOE agents killed Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 – and the most significant such assassination ever to... [Read More...]

The day Thatcher got it right!

Fr Patrick Ryan with fellow IRA godfather Gerry Adams One highlight of Irish National Archives releases publicised this morning involves Mrs Thatcher’s fury at Belgian PM Wilfried Martens, after the Belgians had refused to extradite the notorious IRA priest Fr Patrick Ryan. The documents relate to events following Ryan’s arrest in 1988 by Belgian police who found a large quantity of cash and bomb-making equipment in his home. In... [Read More...]

Brexit Party achieves some strong votes amid general Tory landslide

click here to view this week’s nationalist/populist election results Overall the 2019 General Election was of course a triumph for Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his chief strategist Dominic Cummings, who took a big risk in setting out to destroy Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party rather than cooperate with it. A risk that has paid off. Having won the European Parliamentary elections on 23rd May this year with 30.5%... [Read More...]

Nationalist/Populist results at 2019 election

Most British racial nationalists stood aside from the 2019 General Election, recognising that this would be fought mainly over the Brexit issue. There were no candidates from the National Front, British Democratic Party or For Britain Movement. Those BNP activists who still want to see a campaigning political party backed David Furness’s doomed challenge for the leadership. David Furness was the sole BNP candidate, obtaining meagre reward... [Read More...]

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