A century of sacrifice and betrayal

Dennis Hutchings remembered last week at the 1st Shankill Somme memorial garden, Belfast This year marks the centenary of the Royal British Legion’s poppy appeal, and most H&D readers will once again have bought a poppy to remember the tragic sacrifice of so many lives in the wars and terrorist conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries. Yet this year we have more reason than ever to remember betrayal as well as sacrifice, and the less... [Read More...]

The liberal race industry in action: Yorkshire cricket in the dock

Not content with the wave of wokeness that has drowned top-level English football, the race relations industry has now moved on to our true national game – cricket. Footballers at Premiership grounds across the country ‘took the knee’ yet again this week in a gesture that deliberately overshadows and insults the sacrifices of previous generations whom we are supposed to be honouring in minutes of silence, ‘Last Post’... [Read More...]

Continuing progress for Italy’s ‘post-fascist’ right

(above left to right) Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia; Rachele Mussolini, elected as an FdI councillor in Rome; and Enrico Michetti, Rome mayoral candidate for a coalition of right-wing parties and independents. Municipal election in Italy showed continuing progress for Italy’s ‘post-fascist’, anti-immigration right, including the election of Rachele Mussolini (granddaughter of the former Italian leader Benito... [Read More...]

The Long and Winding Road – Giovanni Toro reports from Italy

Endlessly fascinating, constantly turbulent, shapeshifting and surprising, Italian politics is entertaining and frustrating in equal measure.  The next general election is due no later than 1st June 2023, but by what tortuous path we will get there, or indeed whether we will get there, and if we do what Italian politics will even look like then, are all questions which would tax the most gifted political seer.  You might imagine that... [Read More...]

German Federal Election – end of Merkel era

Alice Weidel, co-leader of Germany’s anti-immigration party AfD Results are being declared of today’s German election for the Bundestag (federal parliament). H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton has been in Germany during the campaign and will report here and in the November issue of H&D on the results and their implications for the racial nationalist and broad pro-White movement in Europe. (click here to view detailed... [Read More...]

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