23 years after his death, Enoch Powell’s legacy haunts modern Britain

Enoch Powell was sacked from the Conservative shadow cabinet in 1968 for warning against Britain’s racial transformation. 23 years ago the political prophet Enoch Powell died, aged 85. Though he had been a prominent figure in British politics for decades, he remains best known for one speech, delivered on 20th April 1968 in Birmingham, and known almost immediately as the “rivers of blood” speech. This is a slight misquotation,... [Read More...]

Another new party registered – Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party

Actor Laurence Fox (above right) gained a political profile during appearances on debate shows, notably the BBC’s Question Time, such as this argument with Corbynista lawyer Shami Chakrabarti On the same day that the government outlined plans to go ahead with local elections on May 6th, it was confirmed that the Electoral Commission has confirmed registration of a new political party, the Reclaim Party fronted by actor Laurence Fox, best... [Read More...]

Can Le Pen win?

Marine Le Pen: can she win in 2022? As in 1848, “a spectre is haunting Europe”. But unlike in Marx and Engels’ time, it’s not the “spectre of communism”. In 2021 the ghost at the socially-distanced feast is the ‘far right’, or what its more hysterical opponents would term ‘fascism’. And as has been the case periodically ever since the mid-1980s when Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front... [Read More...]

Populist-Nationalist presidential candidate wins almost 12% in Portugal

The Presidential election held in Portugal 24 January was largely ignored or downplayed by the Mainstream Media. This mainly was due to them being preoccupied with Covid, and to a lesser extent the new US President, Joe Biden. However, the MSM were also not over keen to publish the fact that a candidate whom they described as “far-right wing” came third, winning 11.9% of the vote. It was no real shock that the incumbent President Marcelo... [Read More...]

Labour councillor resigns after porn charges

Former Labour councillor Martin Judd A Labour councillor for the Hollinwood ward of Oldham Council has resigned and last week appeared in court facing charges of downloading child pornography. Martin Judd, 25, entered not guilty pleas at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court to three charges that between February 2018 and Febriary 2020 he had downloaded fifteen Category A (the most serious) images of children, twenty-three Category B, and... [Read More...]

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