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H&D Issue 119 published

The new issue (#119) of Heritage and Destiny magazine is out now. The 28-page, May – June 2024 issue, has as its lead: Reform UK – Is this... 

Beating the bans! Isabel Peralta social media update

On Good Friday (29th March) Isabel Peralta was banned from YouTube and Twitter, without explanation, but she now has a new Twitter account @EvropaInvicta1 English-subtitled... 

British Democrats win town council by-election

British Democrat candidate Ken Perrin won yesterday’s by-election in the Slade Lode South ward of Chatteris Town Council in Cambridgeshire.... 

Homeland Party activists visit Preston

An activist team from the Homeland Party including leader Kenny Smith visited Preston last weekend and delivered more than 1,000 leaflets. H&D... 

Sam Melia jailed for 2 years in shocking extension of race laws

Sam Melia – Yorkshire organiser of Patriotic Alternative and husband of PA’s deputy leader Laura Towler – has been jailed for two years... 

H&D correspondent barred from entering London on family holiday

H&D correspondent Isabel Peralta was blocked from boarding a flight from Madrid to London early this morning, in the latest extraordinary abuse... 

BNP chairman shamelessly asks for more donations – but to what purpose?

The British National Party ceased to be a “normal” political party over five years ago, but has continued to re-register each year with the Electoral... 

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London publisher defies the censors

Just weeks after Scotland’s most senior judge threatened the backdoor criminalisation of ‘Holocaust’ revisionism, a new UK-based publishing venture has defied the international forces of censorship and fraud.

The Academic Research Media Review Education Group (ARMREG) was created at the end of last year and has already published the Holocaust Encyclopaedia, mainly written by the German scientist Germar Rudolf.

Now ARMREG has issued an updated edition of Arthur Butz’s revisionist classic The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, first published in 1975.

Prof. Butz is now 90 years old and earlier this year he was awarded the Robert Faurisson International Prize.

His book was central to a wave of revisionism during the late 1970s, challenging the orthodox tale that six million Jews had been murdered in unique and apparently inexplicable homicidal gas chambers, on the presumed orders of Adolf Hitler.

Together with his near-contemporary Prof. Robert Faurisson, Arthur Butz laid the intellectual foundations for a later generation of revisionists whose leading lights include Germar Rudolf and Vincent Reynouard.

In many European countries, the work of these revisionists is criminalised. Today the 95-year-old German publisher and educator Ursula Haverbeck faces further imprisonment for daring to express some of the questions raised by Butz, Faurisson, and Judge Wilhelm Stäglich.

What Faurisson termed the “great intellectual adventure” of revisionism continues. The Real History blog will discuss the ARMREG publishing enterprise again soon, and their work will be featured in the July edition of H&D.

Readers can be assured that we shall never surrender to the wealth and influence of the Holocaustian lobby, no matter what repression is attempted by the courts and by tame politicians.

Real history took another step forward this month when our assistant editor Peter Rushton published a groundbreaking investigation of Mossad’s 1961 plot to kidnap the Belgian national socialist leader and war hero Léon Degrelle.

Click here to read Peter’s report, which also raises further questions about IRA commander Martin McGuinness and his relationship with the British intelligence services, and for the first time identifies a Mossad veteran who was part of the plot to kidnap Degrelle. This conspirator is still living in the USA and is a friend of Hillary Clinton.

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