New light on Hitler’s Political Testament in groundbreaking H&D publication

Coinciding with the award of the 2022 Robert Faurisson International Prize to the courageous German-Canadian siblings Monika and Alfred Schaefer, Heritage and Destiny begins a new phase of the international campaign for historical truth.

Later this year our assistant editor Peter Rushton will publish a comprehensive re-examination of British intelligence services’ knowledge (or otherwise) of the alleged ‘Holocaust’ – the alleged murder of six million European Jews in homicidal gas chambers on the orders of Adolf Hitler’s national-socialist government.

An essay which will appear as an appendix to this book – discussing the relevance of a controversial Testament which (if genuine) records comments made by Adolf Hitler to his inner circle during the last months of the Second World War – is published here today in PDF, free to download for H&D readers.

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In this essay, which was inspired by comments Prof. Faurisson made during a wide-ranging interview in 1979 with an Italian magazine, recently republished in a new English translation – Peter Rushton uses recently discovered archival documents to demolish the central argument of a 21st century anti-revisionist scholar.

In doing he so he reflects on the implications of this document for our knowledge of Hitler’s attitude on key questions: his attitude to the Jews; to the British Empire; to the war against Bolshevism; to the USA; and to European friends and foes.

This essay is dedicated to three great Europeans of our time, whose courage and insight give us hope that the battle for historical truth – for what Professor Faurisson termed Exactitude – can be won:
Ursula Haverbeck, Lady Michèle Renouf and Isabel Peralta – defenders of the right to historical truth – champions of European civilisation’s essential values.

Click here for your free download of The Hitler-Bormann Testament: Truth or Lie? (This is a 36-page, 1.6 MB PDF file.)

An English translation of selected writings and commentaries on the ‘Holocaust’ by Prof. Robert Faurisson is available from Historical Review Press: click here for order details.

Ursula Haverbeck with her lawyer Wolfram Nahrath, who also represented Lady Michèle Renouf and this year’s co-recipient of the Robert Faurisson International Prize, Monika Schäfer, as well as many other campaigners for historical truth and justice in Germany.
Professor Robert Faurisson with Lady Michèle Renouf. In October 2018 the Professor died immediately on returning home to Vichy from his final speech at a conference organised in his honour by Heritage and Destiny in Shepperton, England
Isabel Peralta in February 2021 at a commemoration of the heroic Division Azul (Blue Division), Spanish volunteers who fought Stalin’s Red Army on the Eastern Front in unimaginable conditions during 1941-1944.

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