Nationalist division at Batley & Spen by-election


One of the strangest by-elections in British history was held yesterday in the West Yorkshire constituency of Batley & Spen.

This constituency contains several wards which were (just a few years ago) solid nationalist targets. Best known is the Heckmondwike ward which was won by the BNP at several elections in the early 2000s and was one of the strongest nationalist areas in England.

Even without winning a single seat in 2008 (only eight years ago) the BNP polled 36% in Heckmondwike; 20.4% in Cleckheaton; 19.1% in Liversedge & Gomersall; 15.7% in Birstall & Birkenshaw; 15% in Batley West; 13.6% in Batley East (the constituency’s most Asian ward, and in 2008 therefore the weakest nationalist vote).

Sadly the political landscape has been transformed during those eight years.  Most obviously, this by-election was caused by the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox – a murder which the media cynically blamed on the “far right”.  We cannot comment fully on this crime for legal reasons, but we are 100% confident that when the full facts are known, there will be no negative impact on the racial nationalist movement.

Yet for the time being, even racially conscious voters were understandably scared by the establishment lie machine.  The establishment parties (Conservative, Liberal Democrat, UKIP and Green) united to support Labour – hypocritically implying that no decent politician should oppose Labour here because of Jo Cox’s death. This is a novel constitutional theory: several MPs were victims of IRA terror, without anyone suggesting that rival parties should stand aside in the ensuing by-elections.

A second obvious factor is the collapse of the BNP across Yorkshire since 2010.  Although the party fielded a candidate – former London mayoral candidate Dave Furness – the BNP no longer has any activist base anywhere in Yorkshire.

And this leads to the third factor: our movement is in a chaotic state.  The first, broadly nationalist, candidate to launch his by-election campaign was Jack Buckby, of the tiny Liberty GB party.  This is effectively a political arm of the rapidly declining English Defence League, and its leader Paul Weston has explicitly allied himself with Jewish terrorist groups. (See our fully documented report, dating from 2012 when Mr Weston was attempting to launch the British Freedom Party: he has since moved on to Liberty GB.)

After long consideration (and despite several private discussions with journalists) Heritage & Destiny decided not to advertise Mr Weston’s hypocrisy to the press during the campaign, despite the grotesque irony of his candidate describing himself as “no to terrorism”, while his party leader eagerly endorsed terrorist platforms.

Quite rightly, the National Front decided that Mr Buckby (though himself a decent and honest young nationalist) could not be allowed to present himself unchallenged (given the disgraceful conduct of his party leader) as the nationalist standard bearer in Batley & Spen. Therefore nationalist veteran Richard Edmonds volunteered to convey a more acceptable nationalist message as NF candidate.

What no-one expected was that the BNP would enter the race.  Everyone in nationalism recognises that the BNP still (from the ordinary voter’s standpoint) has the best known political “brand name”.  Yet equally we all known that in reality the BNP is dead.

Political reality takes some time to percolate through to voters.  The BNP vote collapsed to just 2.7% – but the vast majority of racially conscious voters simply stayed at home

Unsurprisingly Labour’s candidate was elected in Batley & Spen with more than 85% of the vote, in what amounted to an exercise in mass illusion, assisted by our own failures. This week’s by-election is just one more step in the long process of rebuilding a credible nationalist movement.

Batley & Spen by-election 2016

Lab  17,506 (85.1%)

ED  969 (4.7%)

BNP  548 (2.7%)

Ind  517 (2.5%)

EIP  241 (1.2%)

LGB  220 (1.1%)

Ind  153 (0.7%)

Ind 118 (0.6%)

NF  87  (0.4%)

One Love  34  (0.2%)


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