National Front victory in Dover

Around 200 nationalists attended a very well organised National Front demonstration in Dover against the tide of immigration, which has already created a crisis across Europe and yet again threatens our shores.

NF demonstrators defeated the red rabble in Dover yesterday

NF demonstrators defeated the red rabble in Dover yesterday

Anti-fascist thugs attempted their usual tactics of violent disruption, but this time the forces of red reaction were decisively defeated on the streets of Dover by the NF and allied nationalists from various groups.

Kent Police failed to secure the streets of Dover, so NF activists did the job themselves – very effectively!!!

Congratulations to the National Front and all brave patriots who turned out in Dover yesterday.

Richard Edmonds addresses the NF's anti-immigration demo in Dover yesterday

Richard Edmonds addresses the NF’s anti-immigration demo in Dover yesterday

kent nf banner


One of the defeated “anti-fascists” posted this report to an anarchist forum:

We can’t kid around or attempt to save face, or obscure the truth for propaganda purposes, AFN (Anti-Fascist Network) were destroyed in Dover today. Six Comrades went to hospital, and if wasn’t for the police it would have been a lot more. We were outnumbered and outgunned by the Fascists, who were up for a fight from moment one, and had the sufficient mix of booze and steroids to be essentially unstoppable.

I did not think it had to be impressed on people the importance of opposing genuine white nationalists making a demonstration at an immigration detention centre, but as 3 half empty coaches left from London it was clear I was wrong.

Today was a massive victory for the far right, for the ones on the street and the ones off it. Those who were there today felt the rush of victory for the first time in years, and for those on the far right that have been convinced that there is no point to street demonstrations, today will have changed this for many of them.

I am afraid today, that within the context of the ”migrant crisis”, Dover will mark a real resurgence in far right street politics. A street filled with fascists will never be one that is safe for anyone, especially those without white skin.

From this moment on we all must take all fascist demonstrations extremely seriously, and we need everyone that is physically able to attend all future demonstrations. If you are truly in ”Solidarity with Refugees” then you need to be stopping fascists from going to immigrant detention centres, not walking around London. Fascism, never again!”

I got fucking pelted with bricks in a carpark by Nazis as a 100,000 smug liberals marched through London, fucking disgusting.

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