National Alliance Press Statement on the Murder of Jo Cox

National Alliance National Office
Box 172 • Laurel Bloomery • TN 37680 • USA •

June 17, 2016


The National Alliance is an educational organization working for the long-term interests of White people worldwide. It was founded by physics professor Dr. William Pierce in the 1970s. Its current Chairman is former Green Beret Captain William White Williams.

On June 16, yesterday, a British Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, was fatally shot and stabbed on the street in her constituency. Police have arrested a suspect, Thomas Mair, in connection with the murder. The motive for the murder is not known, and one eyewitness, Hithem Ben Abdallah, says that MP Cox only became involved after an altercation had already begun.

A violence-linked, anti-White, Jewish-run organization calling itself the “Southern Poverty Law Center” (SPLC) immediately claimed to be in possession of private records showing that Thomas Mair purchased books some 17 years ago from National Vanguard Books, a book publisher and retailer associated with the National Alliance.

Within hours of the murder, the well-funded Jewish group released redacted copies of book sales receipts indicating, assuming they have not been altered by the SPLC, that Mair bought books from National Vanguard Books many years ago. We believe these records were obtained illegally. An SPLC spokeswoman, Heidi Beirich, has openly stated in an interview aired on PBS, that her organization’s goal is to “end” the National Alliance. Like a rogue intelligence agency, the SPLC commonly uses paid informants and infiltrators and unethically offers money to obtain private documents — as in this case — even if those documents are illegally obtained and not the property of those being paid by the Jewish group. We believe these are actionable and criminal acts.

The SPLC has a history of making false claims about the National Alliance (and many other groups), famously — and ludicrously — alleging, for example, that William Pierce’s 1978 novel The Turner Diaries was a “blueprint” for the Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh, a man whose partner in crime was involved in an interracial marriage and who was thus totally at odds with the ideas and purposes of the Alliance.

• The National Alliance scrupulously protects the names and other private information of all its supporters and customers. The theft or fraudulent obtaining and release of our records is, in our view, criminal, wrong, unethical, and harmful. The damage to freedom of speech, freedom to share ideas, and freedom of political expression caused by the SPLC and its paid operatives is incalculable.

• The National Alliance is a strictly legal organization and has always warned its members against illegal activity.

• National Vanguard Books has sold many hundreds of thousands of books to hundreds of thousands of customers over the years. We do not screen our customers any more than do Barnes and Noble or Amazon
— and, for some reason or other, no lurid headlines or SPLC press releases result when a killer or other criminal is found to have obtained books — even controversial, provocative books — from Barnes and Noble or his local library. If they did, civil libertarians would be outraged at the invasion of privacy and possible chilling effect on free speech — as they should be in this case too.

• The SPLC published a one-page excerpt from the main book in question allegedly sold to Mair, which shows how a home-made gun can be constructed. The book is entitled _Improvised Munitions
Handbook_. The SPLC (and the media outlets who republished the SPLC’s claims) dishonestly failed to mention that the book is _not_ a National Alliance publication, but is actually a publication of
the United States government. It is in fact a US Army training manual and is widely available online — for example, via

It is also available from major booksellers, such as


The National Alliance had and has no connection with Thomas Mair any more than with any other book customer; we did not work with him, were not familiar with him, and did not remember his name even
after the release of the illegally-obtained book receipts.

Similarly, we were totally unfamiliar with Jo Cox until the news stories about her tragic end came to our attention. The National Alliance is politically neither pro-Labour Party nor anti-Labour Party, disagreeing with that party on many but far from all issues, and welcoming that party’s increasingly critical stance toward Jewish and Zionist power in recent years. We recently republished an essay suggesting that racially-conscious Whites in Britain should join the Labour Party.

We offer our condolences to Jo Cox’s family and loved ones and to the British people as a whole.


Vanessa Neubauer, Correspondence Secretary
National Alliance

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