May 1945: Whose Victory?

Tomorrow the UK and her western allies from the Second World War will celebrate the 79th anniversary of ‘Victory in Europe’ – VE Day.

The former Soviet Union – now ruled by a neo-Stalinist – celebrates its own victory over Europe a day later on 9th May, and we can expect the usual Kremlin festivities.

Yet even setting aside Putin’s war, Britons are this year more likely than ever to be asking – just whose victory was it in 1945? Is today’s Europe a victory? Is today’s Europe even European?

This week in Leeds – England’s fifth largest city – an elected councillor celebrated his own victory with cries of “Allahu Akbar”! (“God is Great”!)

He was echoed in dozens of local council seats around England where independent Muslim candidates (usually from Pakistan, Bangladesh or India) defeated the mainstream political parties.

But is this really a victory for ‘Allah’, or for a very different anti-European deity?

Sadiq Khan (above right) is falsely portrayed as an ‘Islamist’, when in fact he is fully embedded within the globalist power structure. Here is London’s Mayor with Sir Gerald Ronson, veteran of the violent ‘anti-fascist’ 62 Group, convicted fraudster, and head of the main Jewish community ‘defence organisation’.

Racial nationalists (especially those who observe British politics from a distance and without detailed knowledge) might imagine that these few dozen council victories demonstrate the power of Islam in the UK.

The reality is the opposite: they demonstrate the political weakness of Muslims in the UK.

Despite Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza, there was never any doubt that both the ruling Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party – the government-in-waiting – would maintain their pro-Zionist policy. That’s why dozens of Muslim politicians in English towns and cities quit their safe careers within the Labour Party and declared an open political war against Zionism.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has been perfectly prepared to lose control of one or two councils, and lose perhaps 70-80 council seats, because he knows that his accession to the premiership later this year will depend on far more powerful forces than the UK’s Muslim voters. England’s best known Muslim politician, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, decided to stay on Starmer’s side, maintaining the tacit alliance with Zionism that has proved so beneficial to his career.

During the first hours of VE Day 79 years ago, a great European warrior knew precisely what was at stake. Léon Degrelle, who had been wounded several times fighting against Bolshevism on the Eastern Front, was unwilling to surrender. Together with a small group of comrades, he took off from Oslo and flew overnight across the continent before crash landing in Spain.

Degrelle’s extraordinary adventures and his continuing national socialist faith during the next half century are explored in the book Léon Degrelle in Exile which will be reviewed in the next edition of Heritage and Destiny.

Writing that review while contemplating the state of modern Britain, the anniversary of ‘VE Day’, and the recent 30th anniversary of Degrelle’s death, was a sobering experience for a British racial nationalist.

Author José Luis Jerez Riesco (above left) with Léon Degrelle in 1972. The book Léon Degrelle in Exile will be reviewed in the next edition of H&D.

Today we know that the ideology to which Degrelle dedicated his entire life – national socialism – is not some ossified relic, but a living, organic reality.

The present crop of Muslim politicians are merely the latest symptom of an ongoing distortion of European culture and civilisation – a perversion that was entrenched in 1945.

But a new generation of Europeans is fully worthy of Degrelle’s confidence that the true Europe would triumph.

Europa Invicta!

¡León Degrelle, presente!

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