◊ 50 issues of H&D!

Published date (updated): September 2012

Our very first issue was published back in the summer of 1999 as “The Newsletter of the American Friends of the BNP” (AF-BNP). It was only eight pages, but it was a start of better things to come. The H&D “team” for issues 1 to 4 consisted of just myself and Carl Knittle and was produced in a very basic format (cut and paste!) in the basement of Carl’s home in Ashburn, Virginia.
By issue 5 we had recruited another expatriate “Brit” – Carl Clifford – to the H&D team. Carl transformed the magazine using desk top publishing – PageMaker.  Also joining the “team” for issue 5 was long-standing American national socialist Martin Kerr – which meant we were now four strong (two Brits and two Yanks!)
The magazine was now 20 pages and was being produced from my apartment in Falls Church, Virginia – which doubled up as the AF-BNP HQ. We also had a website (thanks to Carl Clifford) and we were holding regular meetings and even demonstrations in the Washington DC area. It was all go!
The final American issue – number 9 – was published in the summer of 2001, shortly before the Federals (on the instructions of the SPLC) closed the AF-BNP down. I would have liked to have reached issue 10 stateside, but oh well that’s life I guess.
The American government (INS) issued me with a ten year exclusion order the following summer and I finally vacated “The land of free and home of the brave” on November 3rd 2002 and returned to ‘good olde Blighty’ (east Lancashire to be exact!).
It would be another six months before H&D was finally resurrected on this side of the pond, with the help of Peter Rushton, who volunteered to help me start it up again, and with Martin Kerr looking after the American side. In February 2003 (I think!) we published issue 10 – dated winter 2003.
Like Peter Rushton, I had been purged from the Griffin BNP, so H&D became an independent racial-nationalist magazine. We were, as our mast-head proclaimed, “The Radical Voice of British Nationalism”. It took Peter and myself a couple of issues to “find our feet”, but from 2004 onwards we just never looked back.
From issue 14, H&D became “The Radical Voice of White Nationalism”. This reflected both the magazine’s growing readership overseas and our commitment to White nationalism. Then from issue 18 the masthead changed yet again (for the final time!) to “Stand Men of the West – today is the day we fight”. I felt this slogan (from The Lord of the Rings movie) best summed up – in a one-liner – what we are all about.
The magazine increased to 24 pages from issue 22 (the John Tyndall obituary issue) and became a bi-monthly from issue 49.
To be honest with such a lot of hard-copy movement publications folding it was a bit of a gamble turning H&D from a quarterly into a bi-monthly. However, with your support we can keep going – perhaps for another 50 issues. Who knows what the future will bring?
What we do need are more people to take H&D in bulk. If you are a Nationalist activist why not buy some extra copies of this issue to sell at your next branch meeting (see page 15 for bulk rates). As you can see it’s another great issue.
And as always, perhaps even more so since we have gone bi-monthly, we also need your regular donations – however large or small, every Dollar, Pound or even Euro counts. Please try and send in whatever you can afford.
And finally, we should not forget the publishers of the first Heritage & Destiny magazine – Richard Lawson and Steve Brady – way back in 1980. For without them we would not have had the inspiration to start up H&D mark II. Sadly they only published six issues, but their articles were of the highest quality. They were men ahead of their time.
Thanks once again for all your support over the last 13 years/50 issues, Together we will win and tomorrow really will belong to us.

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