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Heritage and Destiny reflects a cross-section of 21st century racial nationalist opinion. It is independent of all political organisations and parties. Unless stated otherwise, views expressed in signed articles or letters in Heritage and Destiny are the sole responsibility of the writers concerned and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or other staff.

We welcome enquiries from prospective advertisers, to whom rates will be sent on request. However, the editor reserves the right to refuse to publish any advertisement submitted, without giving reasons. The appearance of any advertisement in Heritage and Destiny does not necessarily indicate that the editor knows anything about, endorses or is interested in the product, organisation, event or service being advertised.

Contributors and advertisers should bear in mind that Heritage and Destiny is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom, including our infamous race laws. Refusal to publish certain items should therefore not be taken as a personal or political affront!

The editor is pleased to receive articles for possible publication, preferably by disk or email. No payment is made for articles. Unless the writer specifically requests otherwise, articles become Heritage and Destiny copyright. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. Those wishing to republish Heritage and Destiny items in other formats should be sure when doing so to give public acknowledgment to both the writer and Heritage and Destiny and to include in the acknowledgment the magazine’s full address.

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