Madrid tribute to Spain’s Blue Division volunteers on Krasny Bor anniversary

Spain is today at the frontline in the battle for real history. Its nominally ‘socialist’ government (in reality servants of the capitalist world order) has just one field in which to prove its ‘leftwing’ credentials – namely the partisan distortion of Spanish history in favour of communists and anarchists whose brutal reign of terror was ended by the 1936-39 Civil War.

This history distortion is unsurprisingly one area where the far-left and their international capitalist allies are in full agreement.

A group of brave and intelligent radical nationalists (led by the remarkable young history student Isabel Peralta, see video above) are defending their country’s honour on the political and historical battlefield. In doing so they also defend the honour of the División Azul (Blue Division) who volunteered on the frontline of European civilisation in 1941.

Although Spain remained neutral, these volunteers fought alongside fellow Europeans against Stalin’s Red Army on the Eastern Front. Their most famous engagement was during the Leningrad campaign, at the battle of Krasny Bor in February 1943, where the División Azul suffered more than 3,000 casualties. Today (February 10th) is the anniversary of Krasny Bor, and as last year this has been commemorated by Isabel Peralta and her comrades.

The commander of the Division’s 269th Regiment, Col. José Martínez Esparza, later wrote of the moment in 1941 when he and his men took their oath of loyalty to the German-led war effort against Bolshevism:

“In that instant, we all felt the intimate pride of knowing ourselves Spaniards by the grace of God. And all of us recognised the importance to our Patria of the fact that we were at the heart of Europe receiving the backing of the German army, which had just welcomed us into its ranks. Spain once again belonged to Europe.”

In 2022 those Spaniards defying their shameful rulers and remembering the División Azul not only honour their ancestors, but demonstrate that they are again at the heart of Europe fighting that most vital of causes for European destiny – the war for real history.

For further historical background on the mirror image of the Blue Division’s courage and loyalty – i.e. the treacherous machinations of international financier Juan March, the British intermediary with some of Spain’s most influential military and political figures, see my article The Cavalry of St George.

Arriba España! Arriba Europa!

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