London’s giant Holocaust Memorial blocked by High Court

The giant Holocaust Memorial was planned for a site near Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, but the High Court has now quashed the proposal

This afternoon plans for a giant Holocaust Memorial close to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament were blocked by a High Court judgment that quashed planning permission for the project.

Regular readers will know that in 2019 H&D’s assistant editor Peter Rushton submitted a detailed and fully documented memorandum to the initial planning inquiry into this grotesque project. Quoting from official British archives, he revealed that when such a memorial was first planned in the 1980s, it had been denounced by senior ministers and officials. Then Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington – who had won the Military Cross for his bravery during the Second World War – wrote: “The whole idea is preposterous”.

Other senior officials had written that the project seemed to be part of an Israeli propaganda drive. Click here to read the full story as we revealed it in 2019.

That inquiry by Westminster City Council’s planning committee ruled against the Memorial, but was overturned when the British government appointed a planning inspector, reporting to a government minister who ruled that the project should go ahead.

Now the High Court in London has quashed that ministerial decision.

This means that unless there is a further appeal, the Memorial will not go ahead.

Victoria Tower Gardens as it is today: a park that would be wrecked by the proposed Memorial

In the first place this is a great victory for all campaigners who like ourselves submitted objections during the original planning process. Most objections focused on the damage that would be done to one of central London’s few remaining parks.

This preservation of green space is of course an important issue. But we hope that the defeat of this shocking proposal will cause Britons to reflect on why they should tolerate a politically motivated minority imposing their special version of history.

In 2018 Peter Rushton of H&D and Lady Michèle Renouf of Telling Films made a video with the late Richard Edmonds denouncing the proposed wrecking of Victoria Tower Gardens by this grotesque Memorial, click below to watch this short film.

As we reported yesterday, H&D will soon be launching a special website section devoted to ‘Real History and the True Europe’, where we will resist political correctness and present fully documented analyses of historical controversies, as well as defence of Europe’s true culture.

The last week has been a bad one for those who seek to impose an officially and legally protected version of history. First the leading funder and promoter of ‘Holocaust’ history – oligarch Moshe Kantor – was subjected to sanctions because of his role as facilitator and propagandist for Vladimir Putin.

And then the proposal for a giant Holocaust memorial in Westminster was defeated.

The task now is to roll back the tide of propaganda and oppressive laws that was swept over Europe in recent years. Keep reading this website to find out more as the campaign for Real History and the True Europe takes off.

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