Let’s Kick Englishness out of Rugby (and Football)

Once again, there was a blatant attack on us English – at the recent six nations Rugby matches – by part of theliberal/leftistablishment.

This has to have government blessing otherwise it would be stamped on. This constant attack on our identity and culture absolutely infuriates
most Englishmen.
It is an obvious, deliberate and coordinated attack on our nation and our national identity.
I feel that we must counter this on every occasion and ensure that they – the liberal/left establishment are aware that we are not going to sit idly by whilst they destroy our English identity.

England and Scotland (and Wales) are all part of Great Britain right? Both are British so why a separate national anthem for Scotland and Wales at Rugby (and football matches)?

Why no English anthem?

Why no English anthem?

At the recent England v Scotland Rugby game, the English players sang whilst the British anthem was played, but the Scots just stood with welded lips.
Jerusalem was played and sung prior to the players coming out, but the BBC cut it as soon as it became distinctive and switched to an interview with the Scottish captain, it was
so blatant.
If Jerusalem could be played before the players
emerged why was God Save the Queen played when the players lined up. They obviously recognised the significance of Jerusalem.

In effect the Scots had two national anthems, ‘Flower of Scotland’ and their British one God Save the Queen.
England had just one – the joint British anthem God Save the Queen.

No English anthem for rugby either.

No English anthem for rugby either.

It was humiliating to hear the Scots sing Flower ofScotland whilst the English were forced to hear the British anthem. English patriots overwhelmingly consider that Jerusalem is the anthem for England and it is offensive to
hear the British anthem played exclusively for England during home internationals.

The establishment, obviously do not consider the Scots (or Welsh who sing Land of My Fathers) to be British otherwise all teams would be represented by God Save the Queen.

In effect the Scots, being part of Britain had two national anthems but the English had just one, the British anthem.
The Scottish anthem was sung for 1min 40secs, God Save the Queen was for just 50 seconds.

The Scottish team played in their national colours of blueand white but not England, no red on their all white strip.

The Scots had their flag, the Saltire, on their strip but England did not bear the Cross of St George. We just had a red rose which could be a county (Lancashire) crest of course.

This is anti-English racism of the worst kind.

We wish to know why this was done? and if a policy exists within the Rugby Union Federation – as well as the Football Association as it happens at England footy games too – that encourages these anti English practices. We
should really consider this a request under the Freedom of Information Act!

PS. Northern Ireland, another country that suffers massive racism against it, is not allowed its own national anthem (The Sash my father wore?) either. They too have to make do
with God Save the Queen – instead of their own anthem before footy matches.

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