Lee Rigby – ten years gone but never forgotten

Lee Rigby

Ten years ago on 22nd May 2013 a brave young working-class Englishman – Lee Rigby, from Middleton, near Manchester – was butchered by two ‘British’ Muslim converts, the sons of Nigerian immigrants.

Lee Rigby was serving with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. His unit would once have been part of the Lancashire Fusiliers, a regiment with a proud history dating back centuries.

Fusilier Rigby was a drummer and machine-gunner who had served in Cyprus, Germany, and Afghanistan. At the time of his murder, he was working on recruitment and on duties at the Tower of London.

On 22nd May ten years ago, Lee Rigby was returning to his barracks after a day working at the Tower. His assailants attacked him with knives and a cleaver, attempting to behead him in the fashion of Islamist terrorists.

Tributes at Lee Rigby’s family home in Middleton, Lancashire

David Cameron, then Prime Minister, came out with the usual political banalities: “This country will be absolutely resolute in its stand against extremism and terror.”

Unfortunately the truth is that Cameron’s Conservative Party – just like its Labour opponents – has a far from resolute record of conciliating terrorists. Sinn Fein, political wing of the IRA that killed so many of Lee Rigby’s comrades over the years, is presently reaping the rewards of political cowardice in Whitehall and Westminster.

Lee Rigby put these traitors and cowards to shame. True Britons will honour his memory, on today’s anniversary and forever.

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