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The League of Empire Loyalists book is still progressing, and Candour is launching an appeal to help improve it.

Rob Black is busting a gut to make this a really comprehensive study of the League of Empire Loyalists. He has recently come upon a source of unused photographs taken by Fleet Street newspaper professionals. They are top quality but to buy the rights to each one he uses in the book is going to be £67.00 a pop! That is the reality of doing things properly and in a professional manner. This book is going to be the definitive work on the LEL. Most of the literature previously written about us has been alien/enemy/state sponsored. Mummy’s little darlings writing their student thesis before his/her gap year in Thailand and the internship at daddy’s bank starts.

We are different. Several of our people have spent a great amount of their own money researching this project. I believe that such dedication deserves our strongest support. Rob is now considering whether the book should be A5 or A4 size. The cover is not yet decided. This should not affect the Autumn launch schedule but for the moment we are not taking any more advance orders because his final decision may well make a difference to the cost. Bear with us and I am sure we will have more news next issue. (Advance orders received before now will be honoured!)

Roll of Honour

If you agree that the efforts of our researchers deserve your financial support, especially to secure the rights to some stunning full page photos from newly discovered sources, the book will feature a special Roll of Honour page. Your name (or suitable name of your choice and town/ county or state or country) will be included for a donation of £25.00 or the overseas equivalent.

First two already down, A. Ryan. England. £25.00. Colin Todd, England £25.00.

Remember the League of Empire Loyalists had branches and supporters worldwide. Help US record OUR history!

Pay via PayPal at our website: www.candour.org.uk or send cheques/Postal Orders/cash (Sterling, $’s, Euros) to: THE A.K. CHESTERTON TRUST at:
BM CANDOUR, London, WC1N 3XX, England.

Thank you.

Colin Todd

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