Latest immigration madness: Government won’t let them leave!

immigrant queueJust when you thought you’d heard it all – the immigration circus produces yet another mad twist in the tale.

Hundreds of illegal Indian immigrants living close to the London Olympic site at Stratford are desperate to return home as they have no job and no money, having been ripped off by the immigration mafia who brought them here in the first place.  The recession means that for many such economic migrants there is no hope.  Some can work the system; some can turn to crime; some can take jobs from indigenous English men and women through their willingness to be exploited as cheap labour – which is one reason why our political establishment were so keen to admit them in the first place.

Yet for many there is nothing – and they want to go home.  But they can’t – because they don’t have the right paperwork!

Like most illegal immigrants, they made sure they destroyed their foreign documents on arrival, so that they couldn’t easily be deported.  The UK authorities won’t send them back to India without proof that they are Indian; and the Indian authorities are dragging their feet in producing replacement paperwork.

Of course for the Indian authorities its good news that hundreds (indeed thousands) of their penniless legions are sleeping on the streets of London and other European capitals rather than in Mumbai.  But is this really the best that the British government can do: incapable even of deporting those illegal immigrants who are desperate to go home?

Hardeep Singh, one of these illegals, told The Sun this week:

“I have no work and cannot get any benefits, so I live on the streets. There are so many of us in the same situation. When David Cameron came in we thought he would do something because he wanted to get rid of illegal immigration, but he’s done nothing.”

The England First Party asks: if David Cameron won’t listen to the millions of Englishmen who are fed up with illegal immigration and the disastrous consequences of Britain’s multi-racial experiment, will he at least listen to Hardeep?

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