Labour leader sacks black shadow minister in immigration row

Diane Abbott (centre) as one of the five candidates for Labour leader in 2010. She has now been sacked by the winner of that contest, Ed Miliband (second left).

Labour leader Ed Miliband (who according to opinion polls is likely to be the next British prime minister) has sacked his party’s most prominent black face, Diane Abbott.

Ms Abbott has responded by denouncing her party’s immigration policy:

I have long despaired of the downward spiral of Labour’s rhetoric on immigration. For instance we should have come out against the ‘immigrants go home’ van far more quickly and more firmly than we did. Unfortunately the people around Miliband are terrified by the polling on immigration and have convinced him that we have to move right on the issue. My settled view is that there no votes for the Labour party in pandering to anti-immigrant sentiment.

The irony of Mr Miliband’s attempts to develop a populist immigration policy will not be lost on Heritage and Destiny readers, though readers of the Daily Mail might be more confused!  Last week the Mail caused nationwide controversy by attacking the Labour leader’s Marxist father Ralph Miliband as anti-British.  They might have done better to focus their exposé on the future PM’s grandfather Sam Miliband, who really was a pro-Soviet traitor, acting as an agent for Trotsky’s invading Red Army and as a consequence having to flee his native Poland.

Heritage and Destiny examined the Miliband family’s background as Marxist immigrants in this online article three years ago.

Diane Abbott’s main agenda is probably now to build a campaign to become Labour candidate for Mayor of London in 2016.  As a consequence of our capital city’s ethnic transformation, it is now very likely that the Labour candidate will be non-white.  Former Ken Livingstone aide Atma Singh has already shown an interest, though he has no chance of winning (partly because of his far left background, partly because Sikhs are too small an ethnic voting block).  The party leadership might favour Sadiq Khan, a Pakistani Muslim lawyer who is presently Shadow Lord Chancellor in Miliband’s frontbench team.  A potential Afro-Caribbean rival to Diane Abbott is David Lammy, briefly a junior minister in Gordon Brown’s government, whose astounding erudition was exemplified by his hilarious error during the recent papal election.  While the half-Nigerian Chuka Umunna might have the best chance of winning, but probably has his eye on a bigger prize as a possible future Labour leader.

Rising talent in Ed Miliband’s Labour Party (left to right): Chuka Umunna, half-Nigerian Shadow Business Secretary; Louise Baldock, bisexual activist, Liverpool councillor, and likely next MP for Stockton South; Luciana Berger, former Director of Labour Friends of Israel, newly promoted to Shadow Public Health Minister in place of the sacked Diane Abbott.

Speaking of Mr Umunna (who on the British side of his family is the grandson of wartime MI5 interrogator and postwar judge Sir Helenus ‘Buster’ Milmo), his former girlfriend Luciana Berger was one of the winners in the Labour reshuffle, promoted to take the sacked Diane Abbott’s place as shadow public health minister.

Ms Berger is the former Director of Labour Friends of Israel. Her great-uncle was Manny Shinwell, who was a loyal friend of Zionist terror groups even while serving as Secretary of State for War in the 1940s.  Inevitably he was rewarded by a peerage, living to the age of 101 as Lord Shinwell of Easington.

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