John Tyndall Memorial Meeting 2018

This year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting was held in Bradford, West Yorkshire, organised by White Voice. Despite transport chaos caused by a rail strike that affected much of Northern England, 45 nationalists from a wide range of groups attended and the meeting was live streamed worldwide by Radio Aryan.
Chaired by former NF and BNP West Midlands organiser Keith Axon (who first joined the National Front in 1975 and was a longstanding friend of John Tyndall and his family), the event’s speakers were:
Julie Lake, former BNP, South West Forum and NF South West organiser.
Mike Whitby, Common Law Advocate and Chairman of British Voice.
Dr Jim Lewthwaite, former archaeology lecturer and Bradford City Councillor, now chairman of the British Democrats.
Steve Frost, National Secretary of British Movement.
Eddy Morrison, Editor of White Voice
Peter Rushton, Assistant Editor of Heritage and Destiny.
From their various perspectives, this year’s speakers set John Tyndall’s legacy against the context of today’s nationalist predicament. While from one standpoint racial nationalist organisations are at a very low ebb (perhaps at their lowest point since the Second World War, in terms of active membership and electoral performance), looked at from another angle it’s the political establishment that’s in serious trouble.
Non-white immigration and its consequences were the main political issues of John Tyndall’s career, and his life spanned the racial transformation of our country. Britain was almost entirely White when JT was born. He was just 5 years old when Europe began its suicidal civil war and 11 when it ended with a costly supposed ‘victory’ for Britain and her Allies. When John Tyndall was 14, the disastrous multiracial experiment began with the arrival of former troopship Empire Windrush carrying a cargo of West Indians.
For decades opinion polls continued to show the majority of Britons wanted an end to non-white immigration, yet the tide continued unabated.
Little surprise that when given the chance to retaliate against their establishment masters, British voters rebelled, with the Brexit referendum acting as proxy for a range of discontents (including immigration).

John Tyndall speaking to a nationalist gathering in the USA

One side of John Tyndall’s legacy is his unshakeable ideological consistency: he would have little time for today’s “alt-lite” or for the likes of ‘Tommy Robinson’, who avoid central questions, worship Israel and obsess endlessly about Islam.
But another side of John Tyndall is too easily forgotten – his faith in the British people and the electoral process. JT had no time for defeatism or cranky, mindless extremism. He would have recognised the lesson of the Brexit referendum, that our fellow countrymen are prepared to stand up for themselves and cannot be endlessly manipulated.
Political consistency and determination has consequences, and John Tyndall himself had to pay a heavy price, frequently dragged before the courts and twice imprisoned. The latest example of our enemies’ tendency to avoid debate and resort to demonisation and criminalisation is the great war of distraction being waged over Brexit, now targetting Arron Banks and alleged Russian influence.
This weekend’s speakers agreed that there is little point in seeking to create a unified nationalist mass movement now. Such a movement will emerge organically from the post-Brexit crisis, as UKIP and its successor movements lose their raison d’etre, the Tory and Labour parties split, and whichever government holds office in 2019 presides over a continuing migration crisis even after we leave the European Union.
For further information about White Voice please contact Eddy on 07505 396894.

John Tyndall visiting Lancashire in 2004

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