Immigration adds to housing crisis

emptyhousesA shortage of affordable homes – and even more so a shortage of what were once called council houses and are now termed “social housing” is one of the most acute problems facing our society.

Now a new report shows that about 415,000 council houses will have to be built during the next 25 years, not to address the chronic housing needs of our own people, but to deal with the demand resulting from immigration.  This amounts to 45 new homes needing to be built for immigrants every day for the next quarter of a century.

Nearly 80% of Somalian immigrants live in social housing compared to 17% of British born residents.  Former British ambassador Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch, commented:
“The impact of immigration on the availability of social housing for British people has been airbrushed out for too long.
“Either the government must cut immigration very substantially as they have promised or they must invest very large sums in the construction of extra social housing.”

The England First Party argues that we must do both!  Cut immigration (indeed move towards repatriation) and invest in housing stock for our own people.

see Daily Express, 17th August 2011

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