Ideologically rag-tag pro-immigration group ‘No Borders’ stages illegal sit-in in Calais police chief’s station

After Calais police moved in to forcibly – and legally – break up the illegal immigrants camp known as ‘The Jungle’, the collaboration of marxist-anarchist-eco-warriors known as ‘No Borders’ stages a sit-in… English (sic) protestors are known to be among them.

NO BORDERS Press Release, 25Sep09: The activists unfurled a banner proclaiming ‘Human Rights have No Borders’, alongside others made by migrants in response to their eviction on Tuesday. One banner read, ‘The jungle is our house, please don’t’destroy it. If you do, so then where is the place to go?’

The clearances [of the illigeal immigrants camp ‘The Jungle’] which began on Tuesday were due to end today. However, Besson has now admitted that the operation is likely to continue for weeks. One activist commented, ‘Since the destruction of squats and jungles doesn’t offer a viable solution, the harsh repression of migrants has no end in sight.’

[No link has been provided, google them if you want to visit their website.]

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